HOUSE NEWS: Epiphany party, new schedule, and how to get involved

We are back.

We’ll kick things off Saturday night with an Epiphany Party to usher out Christmas and welcome in the 2011. Please join us for festive snacks, warm drinks, and a house blessing.  Bring a finger food to share if you can. Saturday, 7-9.

We will be starting up our new schedule on Monday! There are a couple changes from the tentative schedule we sent out in the fall.  The Art for All workshop is changed back to Tuesdays (1-5) and the Coffee Shop to Thursdays (1-3).  And we are re-starting the Breakfast Brigade during the month of January. We’ll see what the need is at the labor pools and how the funds hold up and make a decision at the end of the month whether to continue it. Thank you everyone who gave toward getting it started again; we’re pretty confident it will become a regular part of our schedule again. See the whole thing here and this week’s schedule in particular here.

Needless to say, YOU are needed to pull all this off. Below are some ways you can be involved this semester. We would love to have a team of regular, committed volunteers that can show up weekly at the same time. If your schedule allows and you’re interested, please let us know. We also welcome folks who can only help out on occasion. Please let us know in advance if you are coming on any given week so we can make the best use of you!


TUESDAY’S ART FOR ALL WORKSHOP, 1-5 – Join Kendera in making pieces of art for sale in the spring; information on particular projects coming soon.


  • Chefs-in-Training: Learn how to bake bread and transform local produce into delicious meals. Sign up for a month of cafes to learn the ropes. We’re looking for 3-4 people for January who can be here between 9:30 and noon.
  • Serving and Clean-up Help: 11:45 – 3

THURSDAYS COFFEE SHOP: Serve free coffee and snacks in a “coffee shop” ambiance from 1-3pm.


  • Bread Baker-in-Training: Another opportunity to learn to bake bread – although a bit early for some. Meet Kelli at the house at 3:30AM to prepare the dough.
  • Regular volunteers: Meet at the house at 4:15 to bake, boil, slice and otherwise prepare a warm healthy meal for day-laborers. Shape bread loaves, boil eggs, prepare fruit and table fixings.  We’re done by 7.  We try to schedule between 4 and 8 people each week for this, so call or email if you plan on joining us.

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