HOUSE NEWS: Change in the Roundtable, fridge woes, our new publicist, and more!

For details on our schedule this week, please click here.

NEW SEMESTER AND PUBLICITY: What a great beginning of a new semester last week was! The party was so well attended that we had to run out and get more food (thank you Julie and Linda!). We have had a steady stream of new faces at the house lately as well as phone calls and emails from folks wanting to know more about what is going on here and how to get involved. This is due, in part, to the wonderful assistance of our friend, Julie Garrett, who graciously offered to help publicize the house for the ART FOR ALL Sale in December. It worked! Within a few weeks we had done several interviews with local papers and even had TV 20 filming live at a cafe. We really appreciate all the new people who have reached out to us and Julie for helping get the ball rolling. If you ever need a “publicist” she’s your woman!

BREAKFAST BRIGADE: We started the Breakfast Brigade up again last Friday. What an interesting experience. . . Two out of the three had changed location and there were low numbers at all three. Back when we started the BB almost 11 years ago, we would easily serve 80-100 people each week. This week there were only about 30 people between them. Lack of local construction work is the main reason – the human cost of our floundering economy.

REFRIGERATOR R.I.P.: Our stalwart old refrigerator which was donated to us 7 years ago is on it last leg – freezing the refrigerated food, melting the frozen food, and leaking water all over the place. We’ve needed some extra space and a more efficient refrigerator/freezer for awhile now, so we’re going to go ahead and bite the bullet and get one that is suited to the kind of food storage and preparation we need here at the house. We’re in the process of purchasing a large, energy-efficient refrigerator/freezer and expect it to arrive at the end of the week. We are very grateful to the Gulig family for helping get our “refrigerator fund” started this Christmas (thanks Paul, Maggie and family!)! If you would like to help contribute, please send a check to the house at218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, 32601 or drop off your contribution any time in person. Thanks so much!

ROUNDTABLE CHANGE: Our speakers for this week’s roundtable had to cancel but have promised to join us later in the semester. Instead, we’ll be offering a special viewing of a documentary that chronicles the local civil rights movement and the integration of the University of Florida. The film is about 30 minutes long and we’ll start at 6pm sharp. Following the film, at around 6:45pm, folks can either sit down to a potluck dinner and discussion of the movie or join Diedre Houchen and head over to UF to see either the poet Nikki Giovanni or Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a speaker on women’s issues and Islam.


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