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HOUSE NEWS: Art for All supplies needed, potluck, and looking forward to more gardening

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This week, Kendera and Liz Wilson will be painting flower pots. Come join the Art for All workshop on Tuesday, 1-5, and make a pot to take home or to sell at the April craft sale. For future projects we are looking for scrap wood: small pieces of board in particular that we can use to create wall hangings. In addition, we’re hoping to put some “singleton earrings” – the earring that is left when you lose its match – to good use in the upcycled jewelry Kendera is creating. Let us know if you have any to share. Thank you!

This Thursday, 6-7:30, we’ll host a simple potluck dinner with no planned speaker or discussion. These are great opportunities for families and others to come and enjoy sharing a good meal and conversation with friends. If you have time to bring something good to eat, please do. If not, we’ll have enough, so come anyway.

Being outside in this beautiful weather is reminding us that gardening season is coming up. We have plans to expand the parking lot garden and also to do some landscaping in the backyard. John and some high school volunteers are clearing a new space in one of th parking lt islands, and we’ll be planting out the first veggies in mid-March. If you would like to help, send an email and we’ll remind you when we decide on a date and time. The donation of a hammock for the backyard has rekindled an old wish to make the backyard a peaceful place for folks to rest or eat outdoors. If you have garden or landscape experience – or plants –  and would like to help with this project, also let us know.

Hope to see you this week!

REFLECTIONS: To love your neighbor

Great love has the potential to open the heart space and then the mind space. Great suffering has the potential to open the mind space, and then the heart space. Eventually, both spaces need to be opened, and for such people non-dual thinking can be the easiest.  People who have never loved or never suffered will normally try to control everything with an either-or attitude, or all-or-nothing thinking. The closed system is all they’re prepared for. The mentality that divides the world into “deserving and undeserving” has never been let go of by any experiences of grace or undeserved mercy. This absence leaves them judgmental, demanding, unforgiving, and weak in empathy and sympathy. They remain inside of the prison of meritocracy, where all has to be deserved. Remember, however to be patient with such people, even if you are th target of their judgment, because on some level that is how they treat themselves as well .

Authentic love is of one piece. How you love anything is how you love everything. Jesus commands us to “Love our neighbors as we love ourselves,” and he connects the two great commandments of love of God and love of neighbor, saying they are “like” one another (Matthew 22:40). So often, we think this means to love our neighbor with the same amount of love – as much as we love ourselves – when it really means that it is the same Source and the same Love that allows me to love myself, and others, and God  at the same time! That is unfortunately not the way most people understand love, compassion, and forgiveness, but it is the only way they every work. How you love is how you have accessed Love.

Richard Rohr, The Naked Now


HOUSE NEWS: Not locked up, but still locked out – and more at the GCW this week

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This Thursday night will feature Meshon Rawls, Legal Skills professor, leading the discussion on the restoration of civil rights to people with prior felony convictions.  Our eyes were opened to this issue years ago when a UF student asked permission from labor pool owners to bring along some voter registration forms to help make it easier for workers to register. One after another, people explained that they were no longer eligible to vote due to a conviction they had served time for. This should be an interesting discussion on the background of this law and the movement to change it.  Last week’s roundtable brought together some interesting folks and some delicious food for a very fruitful (sorry) discussion. Round tables provide an opportunity for intimate and friendly discussion about things ideas and issues that are current and also affect us as individuals and our community. We hope you can come!

In addition to all of the opportunities under the “this week” tab, we particularly need help with serving and especially cleaning up during and after the cafe: 1-4. If you’re available, please let us know. Also let us know if you would like to sign on to this week’s breakfast brigade, or any other project.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

HOUSE NEWS: Food and Faith, Breakfast Brigade Time Change, Art for All

Wall of Art

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We are excited to welcome a group of grad students from the religion department at UF this week who will help lead a discussion on “Food and Faith” and Thursday’s round table. It’s a pot luck, so bring something to share if you have time. If not, come anyway.

An important change this week: The Breakfast Brigade is pushing back its start time from 4:15 to 4:45. As work has dried up at the labor pools, there hasn’t been the big crowd there used to be trying to get a head start in line. Most aren’t opening doors till 6am, and we have honed down our process here to the point that it doesn’t take long to get out the door. So, we will be sleeping in an extra half hour on Fridays, which we really don’t mind at all.

Our dining room is becoming beautiful again, decked out with art from the ART FOR ALL PROJECT. Lovely mosaic frames waiting for mirrors to be cut to size, bottle cap necklaces and fridge magnets, and more paper mosaic pieces.  We would love to have your help if you’re available on Tuesdays between 1 and 5. If you’re not and would still like to contribute, we’re happy to send supplies home with you to work on one of our various projects. We are aiming for a late April sale with gift items for graduation, Mother’s Day, and Easter.  This Tuesday, artist Mary Peer will be helping us make handbags and mouse pads from fabric scraps, but we’ll have alternative projects for children and folks who would like to try their hand at beading or paper crane folding instead.

As always, let us know if you would like to help volunteer at the Cafe on Wednesday, the Coffee Shop on Thursday, or the Breakfast Brigade on Friday!