HOUSE NEWS: Not locked up, but still locked out – and more at the GCW this week

For a detailed schedule of what’s happening this week, click here.

This Thursday night will feature Meshon Rawls, Legal Skills professor, leading the discussion on the restoration of civil rights to people with prior felony convictions.  Our eyes were opened to this issue years ago when a UF student asked permission from labor pool owners to bring along some voter registration forms to help make it easier for workers to register. One after another, people explained that they were no longer eligible to vote due to a conviction they had served time for. This should be an interesting discussion on the background of this law and the movement to change it.  Last week’s roundtable brought together some interesting folks and some delicious food for a very fruitful (sorry) discussion. Round tables provide an opportunity for intimate and friendly discussion about things ideas and issues that are current and also affect us as individuals and our community. We hope you can come!

In addition to all of the opportunities under the “this week” tab, we particularly need help with serving and especially cleaning up during and after the cafe: 1-4. If you’re available, please let us know. Also let us know if you would like to sign on to this week’s breakfast brigade, or any other project.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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