LENT: Week two, Thursday: Bless what eludes my grasp

So many things skitter through my mind,

And I give chase to gather them

And hold them up in a bunch to you,

But they go this way and that

While I go that way and this…

So gather me up instead

And bless what eludes my grasp but not yours:

trees and bees,

fireflies and butterflies,

roses and barbeques

and people…

Lord, the people… bless the people:

birthday people,

giving birth people

being born people;

conformed people,

dying people,

dead people;

hostaged people,

banged up people,

held down people;

leader people

lonely people,

limping people;

hungry people,

surfeited people,

indifferent people;

first world people,

second world people,

third world people;

one world people,

your people,

all people.

Bless them.

Bless what eludes my grasp but not yours.

-Ted Yoder, Guerrillas of Grace



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