LENT: Week three, Tuesday – Heartbreak

David Whyte

An understanding of the breaking down process – this feeling that you are not being treated well by luck or by God – helps you to realize that you are part of the great cycle of dismembering and remembering, and leads you to the source from which you are to drink. The only thing to do is to keep moving, to stay sincere, to stay dedicated.

There’s no true love affair which will not break your heart. There’s no marriage which will not eventually break your heart in one way or another, whether you stay together or not. There’s no good work in the world that will not break your heart. There’s no way of parenting a child without them breaking your heart and you breaking theirs. And there’s no way of coming to know yourself in that eternal marriage without going through that existential desperate sense of disappointment about who you are at the end of it. There’s no way forward without a real sense of heartbreak. And yet it’s astonishing how much time and energy we do spend trying to arrange things so that we won’t have our heart broken, so that you’ll remain immune from trespassing into that necessary human territory that every human being has had to go in to since the beginning of time.  Heartbreak is actually a normal phenomenon of every dedicated, sincere human path, so we should be ready for that particular form it will take in any marriage we are involved with – whether a marriage with a person or with a work.


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