LENT: Week four, Tuesday: Heart

"heart's ease," aka "Johnny-Jump-Ups"

Love gives us the courage to believe in humanity and in ourselves. The word “courage” means, literally, “with heart.” It takes great heart – great courage – to believe in humanity in the face of what sometimes seem like overwhelming problems.

It takes courage to affirm that the possible world that many of us have experienced in glimpses, moments of imagination or spiritual insight, is more than an idle fantasy. It takes the courage to say, like Martin Luther King, Jr., “I have a dream” — to affirm against all evidence to the contrary that one day we shall overcome our fear, doubt, hatred, violence, and pettiness.

It takes courage to commit yourself to building bridges between the world that could be and the world that is — the courage to say that you believe the world will one day be a better place and that today you are ready to do your part to make it so.

– Laurence Boldt



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