LENT: Week four, Thursday – Contemplation

I understand the term “unitive experience” to refer to those moments of spontaneous contemplative experience that happen to all of us. In the arms of the beloved, in moments alone at night listening to the rain, in a moment of deep joy or deep suffering, we can suddenly be grazed with a profound experience of oneness with all of life, with all of reality. I understand contemplative prayer to be the traditional term for meditation. . . Understood in this sense, contemplative prayer is, then, a way of opening ourselves, inviting, or becoming as vulnerable as we can be to unitive experience.  Contemplative prayer is the practice – the way of freely choosing to invite the unitive into our lives, so that eventually it becomes, little by little, our underlying, habituated sense of God’s presence at the heart of our ordinary awareness.

Jim Finley

Join us tonight, from 6:00 to 7:30, for a half hour of contemplative prayer and reflection followed by a potluck dinner.


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