HOUSE NEWS: Volunteer needs, cleaning supplies, and student community members for next Fall

Kendera, the calm in the center of the whirlwind of last-minute Cafe preparations

For a full schedule of what’s happening this week, please click here. 

CAN YOU HELP DURING THE MONTH OF MAY? While graduation is looming and we are about to lose some wonderful volunteers and participants, we are striving to keep to most of the spring schedule through May. We are receiving an abundance of food after the farmers market and want to use it at the Cafe and Breakfast Brigade. Can you help? We’ll need a new team of “Local Food Chef Trainees” for May to prepare the cafe meal (9:30 – 12) as well as folks to serve it (12-3). We also need a new bunch of morning people for the Breakfast Brigade (4:30-7:00 AM). Please email us and let us know if you an help keep this going during the month of May!

IN NEED OF CLEANING SUPPLIES! If you’re a student who is getting ready to go home for the summer or move out of your apartment, please consider donating your cleaning supplies to the GCW! We can always use laundry detergent, various bathroom cleaners, bleach, etc. We could also use a good brrom for the house (ours are wearing down) if you have one that needs a new home.

LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT FALL: Next semester we’ll be accepting 3-6 student/young adults interested in exploring life and work ina gospel-based community, standing with and working alongside people whom our society marginalizes, and deepening one’s sense of the intersection between  spirituality and social justice. Let us know if you’re interested in more information.

Happy Easter!


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  1. I know I’m a bit late, but I’ll make sure to pass on the information to my friends. Maybe they have some cleaning supplies they’re not using anymore.

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