HOUSE NEWS: Last call before closing time…

This week marks the start of our closing-down-for-the-summer process. Each summer, we take a “summer sabbatical” during the months of June and July to catch-up on other work, make some needed repairs and/or renovations to the house, re-energize our spirits, and make a plan for the coming school year. This week will mark the last week of our “official projects,” specifically Dorothy’s Farmers Market Cafe and the Breakfast Brigade. (We’ll still be “open” for about 2 more weeks as we tie up some loose ends for the year.) We’ll start back up in August, working up to our full schedule for the semester around the same time UF and Santa Fe start classes.

NEED DESSERTS, VOLUNTEERS: We like to do something special for the last cafe of the year, so we’re asking folks to consider making and dropping off some homemade desserts for our guests. The desserts are a special way of letting our guests know how much we appreciate them joining us each Wednesday. If you can prepare and drop off a dessert by noon on Wednesday, please let us know. Thanks!

Also, we want to make sure we’ll have enough volunteers, so email us back and let us know if you’re coming for preparation, 9:30am-noon; for serving, 11:45am-2pm; or clean-up, 1:30-3pm. We hope to especially have a good crew for clean-up this week as we’d like to do a really thorough cleaning since it’s the last cafe of the semester.

On the menu for this Wednesday: Homemade pizza with tomatoes, onions, and squash from our Farmers Market friends; cucumber (also from the Farmers Market) and tomato salad; and YOUR homemade desserts. Please let us know if you’re bringing a dessert!

LAST BREAKFAST BRIGADE: Friday marks the last BB for the year as well. It’s your last chance to experience a Gainesville tradition this year (10 years running!) If you can join us, let us know and be here at 4:30am. Thanks!

NEEDS: Still looking for a broom that is in good shape…

Thanks all! Look for an end-of-the-year summary in the next few weeks!


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