HOUSE NEWS: Ready to start a new semester!

Breakfast Brigaders from days gone by!

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This week marks the beginning of our 12th year of operation and 8th year since we moved into the Green House at 218 NW 2nd Ave! We’re excited to start the new semester, and in addition to the Brew-Zokovitch family, we’re welcoming three new members to our live-in community: Vickie Machado, Tamra Rich, and Daniel Loya. We actually got things started 2 weeks ago, getting the house cleaned and prepared for our new arrivals. Last week was “move-in” week for Daniel, Vickie and Tamra and the beginning of their orientation. We’ll finish orientation this week with them and we hope you’ll join us on Thursday for a “Start of the Semester” prayer service where we’ll officially welcome them into the house and commission them for the work ahead.

Additionally beginning over the course of this week and extending over the next two weeks, we’ll be starting up our various house projects. We’ll add in a new weekly project or two each week through Labor Day until we have our entire weekly schedule for the semester up and running. This week we hope you’ll join us for the following:

  • Start of the Semester Prayer Service and Dinner, Thursday, August 25th, beginning at 6pm. Join us as we begin our new semester with a short prayer service, blessing our hopes for the months ahead and welcoming Tamra, Vickie and Daniel as live-in community members. These three are participating in “The GCW Semester,” our live-in immersion experience for people who want to spend a semester living at the GCW and helping to lead our work. The prayer service starts at 6pm with a potluck dinner to follow. Bring a dish to share if you can!
  • Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am: We hope you’ll join us in preparing, delivering and serving a homemade breakfast of hard-boiled eggs, homemade bread and fresh fruit to our friends who are working out of area labor pools. Folks meet at the Green House at 4:15 to prepare the meal, then we take it to two area labor pools within walking distance of our home. To make sure we have enough volunteers, we ask you to send us an email at to let us know if you’re interested in coming this week (or any upcoming weeks).

We look forward to another great semester and hope to see all of you over the course of the days ahead. Please drop by to say hello anytime and let us know how your summer went!


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