ACTION: Call Publix in support of farmworkers

Below is an excerpt from an action alert that Interfaith Action of SW Florida is circulating:

CIW at Publix headquarters“…Instead of engaging in dialogue, Publix’s PR Department continues to distort the nature of the Fair Food program. As Oscar from the CIW explained, “They argue the Fair Food initiative needs to put the penny in the price, when that’s exactly how the program already works; they suggest the CIW wants Publix to pay workers directly, when that’s not what we are asking. Publix would simply pay a penny-per-pound premium — much like Publix-brand fair trade coffee — that tomato growers would distribute to their employees in their normal paychecks.”

Publix’s guarantee to customers is that “We will never knowingly disappoint you.” If you are disappointed by Publix’s refusal to even learn about the Fair Food Program, please call and let them know. Let Mr. Crenshaw that you are tired of misleading PR statements and hope that he will do the right thing.  Call today: 

Office of Mr. Crenshaw: 863-688-1188, ext. 52347
Consumer Relations: 1-800-242-1227…

To read the alert posted on Pax Christi USA’s website, click here.


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