HOUSE NEWS: Raising our voices and raising a garden

Occupy Wall Street - Rise Up

For a full listing of what is happening at the house this week, click here.

I was in New York City this weekend to speak at a conference, and Saturday afternoon I got the chance to join the Occupy Wall Street gathering happening at Zuccotti Park. Meanwhile, members of our household here have been participating in the Occupy Gainesville gathering at the Downtown Plaza, active especially on the food and comfort committee, bringing down a breakfast last week to the menagerie of folks who have found some unity within their diversity, i.e. “We are the 99%.” It is an unequivocally good thing that large numbers of people in towns and cities across our nation–and around the world this past Saturday in solidarity actions–are raising their voices against the class warfare which has been waged in our nation since at least the Reagan Administration. The bailout of corporations and banks during the recent recession is only the latest in a long line of indignities perpetrated against the impoverished and the spiraling downward middle class. The resources, wealth and power of our nation have been systematically transferred to and now are concentrated in the hands of a small minority–symbolically the “1%”, although the number is actually even smaller than that.

As people of faith, we do not believe in a God that sanctions extreme wealth and extreme poverty. We believe in a God that has provided “enough” for all of us, and we are challenged to make sure that everyone has “enough” of what they need to live in dignity. At the GCW, our lives are radically opened to the real life suffering which is caused by the greed of the few over the need of the many. We support the effort of the Occupy Wall Street movement to unmask the injustice which is the result of a system rigged to satisfy corporate greed while ignoring human needs.

HELP US RAISE OUR GARDEN: On Friday, between 12:30 and 4:30pm, we’ll be preparing our new raised beds for the parking lot garden where we grow some of the food we use to prepare meals for our friends who visit the GCW. We need some volunteers willing to join us at 12:30pm at the GCW to shovel dirt into the truck and pick up the materials for the raised beds. We’ll also need some folks around 2pm at the GCW to help us assemble the beds and transfer the dirt out of the truck. If you can join us, please email us or otherwise let us know.

SPECIAL BREAKFAST BRIGADES TO SUPPORT OCCUPY GAINESVILLE: In support of Occupy Gainesville, the new Citizens Co-op on Main Street has been accepting donations to help provide food for the folks gathered at the Downtown Plaza. We’ve offered our kitchen to help make a breakfast from the Citizen Co-op donations and deliver it to the plaza on Tuesday and Thursday this week, with prep to begin at 6:15am and delivery between 8-9am. We welcome anyone who wants to come anytime between 6:15-9am on these days and join us in this action.

AND THE BEAT GOES ON: All of our regular projects–the cafe, Friday’s Breakfast Brigade, Art for All, Green House Knitters, Centering Prayer, and more–are in full swing, so please check out the schedule and join us whenever you can. We are so grateful to all of you for all that you share of yourselves to keep our projects going!


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