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HOUSE NEWS: Need pizzas for Wednesday’s cafe! And Art for All Christmas gifts are half-price!

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

This week will be our last week of the Fall 2011 semester before we take a short holiday break. So if you need to get your GCW fix in, this is the week to do it!

Cafe Pizza

Homemade veggie pizza for the cafe

ON THE MENU – PIZZA, PIZZA, PIZZA: Wednesday’s cafe will be the last cafe of the semester, and tradition demands that we make pizza! We’ll be serving homemade salads and homemade pizzas and want to invite others to help. We’ll be making 4-8 homemade pies at the house, but we could use many more! Can you help? Consider either 1) making a homemade pizza at your home and dropping it off at the cafe anytime between 11:45am and 2pm, or 2) purchase a pizza from one of our local pizzerias–Big Lou’s, Satchel’s, Leonardo’s, Five Star, Mamma Mia’s, etc–and drop it off at the house during the same time frame. Let us know if you’ll be able to bring a pizza to the house so we can plan accordingly.

ART FOR ALL ITEMS HALF-PRICE THIS WEEK: Our Art for All sale was a great success, but we still have a quite a few things left – and very little storage space. They are nice things, made with love, and many quite practical. If you have some last minute shopping to do, please consider shopping with us and supporting a good cause!  We will be here this week, Monday through Friday between 10 and 5. Call if you want to pick something up during other hours: 371-4695. You can check out photos of the gifts here!

  • For stockings: beaded coil bracelets $2 – $5, urban flower bows and headbands $2, necklaces $5, bottle-top magnets $1, cup coozies $2, bookmarks $.50
  • For Christmas – paper crane ornaments $4, jewelry-sized gift boxes $2, and holiday earrings $3
  • For everyday use – recycled t-shirt rugs $15, quilted coasters $5, aprons $5
  • For the cold: hand-knit hats $7, and t-shirt “snecklaces” $2

You can also honor a friend or family member by giving a gift to the Breakfast Brigade. For $20 you will receive a handmade Christmas card for giving that says: “In your name the gift of a warm breakfast has been given to ten folks waiting before dawn for day labor.” Thanks for your support!

We rely on the gifts and contributions of family and friends to be able to do this work. Once or twice a year, we send out a short appeal asking folks to please help if they are in a position to do so. We’ll be sending that appeal out within the next week or so (via email and along with a newsletter, hopefully!). If you can give a little something extra at this time of year, we would be ever so grateful! You can drop your contribution by the house or send it to us in the mail at 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601.

We wish you peace during this Advent season, and hope you have a wonderful holiday break! See you in January if we don’t see you this week!

HOUSE NEWS: End of the Semester Prayer Service and 2nd chance to get Art for All items!

Art for All Fall 2011 Sale

Maya checking out the jewelry table at the Art for All sale

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

So many, many thanks to all of you who dropped by, helped out, and bought things at the Art for All sale this past weekend to support the Gainesville Catholic Worker and our cadre of artists! You can click here to see photos our own Tamra Rich took and posted to her Facebook page (scroll to the bottom to see the photos from the sale). If you didn’t get to visit the sale, but would still like to check out some of our items and do a little holiday shopping, we’ll be out at two places this weekend selling more (see below for more info).

Special thanks too to Diedre Houchen who presented last week’s Roundtable. Diedre’s presentations are always worth seeing and taking part in, and this one as usual engendered good discussion and left an impression. Thanks Diedre! On to what is happening this week…

SECOND CHANCE FOR ART FOR ALL ITEMS: We’ve been invited to bring Art for All items to sell at two different events this weekend, so if you didn’t get a chance to come by last weekend, here’s another chance. On Saturday, from 3-7pm, we’ll have a table at the Winter Art Fair downtown at the Sun Center (the area around the Hippodrome). Kelli and I visited the fair last year and enjoyed the many eclectic offerings. We hope you’ll visit our table and see the other vendors too. On Sunday, from 7:30-10pm at Holy Faith Catholic Church (747 NW 43rd Ave), we’ll have a table during their Christmas concert. The music at the concert is incredible and entry is free. Stop by and see us if you go or if you’re in the area and want to pick up something to support the GCW and our group of artists. Click here to see a sampling of items from Art for All.

NEED TO BORROW A CAMP LANTERN OR BATTERY-POWERED LIGHT: Speaking of the Winter Art Fair, we need some camp lanterns or battery-powered lights to help light our table at the fair. If you have any and can let us borrow them for the weekend, we would be very appreciative. Just email us at and let us know. Thanks!

GCW MEMBER FEATURED ON BLOG: Vickie Machado, a GCW live-in community member and MA student on religion at UF, was recently featured on the Eco-stewards blog, which highlights the intersection between religion and the environment. You can read her piece, “Some Thoughts on Mindful Living,” by clicking here. The piece grew out of a Roundtable she gave earlier this semester at the house. Congrats Vickie!

END OF THE SEMESTER PRAYER SERVICE AND POTLUCK: We’re grateful for everyone who has contributed to making the GCW work this semester, and we’re holding an “end of the semester” prayer service and potluck dinner to say thank you. The prayer service will begin at 6pm, with the potluck dinner to follow. We especially want to encourage you to attend if you are graduating or moving out of the Gainesville after the semester. We’d like to say a personal thank you to all of those who have helped and especially those who will be moving on to new things in their life. We’ll also be saying a special thanks and giving a special blessing to Daniel Loya who has spent the past semester living with us at the GCW and serving as a member of the live-in community. Come hear and share stories about Daniel! Bring a dish to share if you can!

That’s all for now folks. This is the penultimate week of the Fall 2011 semester at the GCW, so come and help out while we’re still open. We’ll be taking a break during the holidays starting December 19.