HOUSE NEWS: Some special needs and Art for All sale stretch

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

ART FOR ALL STRETCH RUN: Later this month, we’ll hold the second of our biannual Art for All sales. These sales feature the work of some of our friends from the street as well as numerous friends, volunteers, local artists and crafters, etc. The money raised from the sale benefits the GCW and those artists who are homeless, unemployed, or otherwise struggling to make ends meet. For the next few weeks, if you’d like to help us recycle, up-cycle or create items for the sale, we would love to have you join us at the Green House Knitters gathering on Monday nights (7:30-9:30pm), at Art for All on Tuesday afternoons (1-3pm), during the Cafe on Wednesday (12:30-2:30pm) or on any one of several Saturday project days to be announced later. We’ll have donated materials ready for you to use and instruction for those wanting to help create. AND… if your church or school or community group wants to help us sell the arts and crafts after a service, at a meeting, etc., we’d love to make arrangements to come and help facilitate this. Just contact us at and we’ll work out the date and details.

SPECIAL NEEDS FOR SOME GCW FRIENDS: Occasionally, we get some requests from some of our regular guests and friends who stop by the house. Sometimes it is help in replacing a lost or stolen item, sometimes it’s an urgent need for someone who has just gotten a job, sometimes it’s a request associated with a birthday, and so on. In the past few weeks, we’ve had several requests from friends who could use bicycles. Two gentlemen in particular need bikes to help them get to work sites as well as get around town. One had his bike stolen a month or so ago; the other’s old bike just finally fell apart. If you have an old bike you’re not using and would like to donate it for us to pass on to one of these guys or others for whom a bike opens up greater work opportunities and easier access to services, let us know. (Bike locks are also always helpful!)

We also have a long-time friend of the house who is in need of a used working laptop. He lives in his car and had his computer stolen out of the car a few weeks ago when someone broke a window to get in. Our friend was quick to point out that it is NOT a necessity for him, but that it was helpful for researching job opportunities, connecting with his family, and enjoyment. If anyone has an old laptop they were thinking of donating somewhere, we could cut out the middleman for you and get it to this person directly.

Lastly, we had a fellow request a pair of size 13 sneakers at the cafe last week. We get in shoes every once in awhile, but I told him size 13’s didn’t often come in. I told him I’d ask around in case one large-footed person wanted to do another one a solid.


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