HOUSE NEWS: Busy, busy busy! Join us this week for Art for All Sale, End of Semester dinner, etc.!

Bill, Leroy and Vickie at the cafe

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

ART FOR ALL OPEN HOUSE AND SALE ON SATURDAY: GCW members, volunteers, guests and friends from the street, under the direction of local artists and crafters, have created a variety of beautiful and unique artwork and crafts this spring. Part art therapy, part cottage industry, part celebration of creativity and community–the process and results have been enjoyed by everyone involved. The creations are eclectic and employ skill, attention and creativity to transform used, everyday items into something beautiful and useful. All proceeds go to support the Gainesville Catholic Worker and participating artists. These items make great gifts for graduation and Mother’s Day while supporting the dignity and creativity of the artists and crafters. The sale will take place on Saturday, April 28, 1 -5pm, at the Green House of the Gainesville Catholic Worker, 218 NW 2nd Avenue. You can also view some of the items for sale on the GCW website by clicking here. Come visit the house and gardens, enjoy a piece of homemade pie, and see if there is anything you might like for yourself or someone special. Please help us advertise the sale by spreading the word, inviting your family and friends to come, forwarding this email, posting on Facebook, etc. If you want to help at the sale and open house, let us know!

END OF THE SEMESTER PRAYER SERVICE AND POTLUCK DINNER: Join us on Thursday evening, from 6:30-8pm, as we wrap up another semester with our end of the semester prayer service and potuck dinner. We’ll be thanking Tamra for her service here at the house as she graduates and moves on to medical school, as well as recognizing other volunteers and friends who will be leaving Gainesville after this semester. If you’re graduating or moving on, please come by and join us on Thursday night so we can say thank you and good bye! Bring a dish to share if you can! Everyone is welcome to join us.

GET YOUR PORTRAIT TAKEN AT THE GCW THIS WEEK! Tamra’s boyfriend, Ben, a professional photographer, will be with us during the cafe on Wednesday to take portrait photos of our friends, volunteers, guests, and anyone else who wants to show up. We’ll be displaying some of the portraits at the house next year and everyone who gets their photo taken gets a free copy to keep or pass along to a loved one. Come anytime between 11am and 3pm, enjoy some lunch and have your picture taken.

MMMMMMM, PIE… In preparation for Saturday’s Art for All Open House and Sale, we’ll be making homemade pies in the afternoon on Thursday and Friday to share with patrons, shoppers and friends at the sale. Come help us bake and prep for the sale. Email Kelli at for exact times if you want to come and help.

HOLY CANNOLI BATMAN, THEY’VE PUBLISHED A NEWSLETTER! Yes indeed we have. The new copy of Conspire, the GCW Newsletter, is now available at the house and online. You can click here to read the Spring 2012 edition online. We’ll be sending out hard copies to everyone on our mailing list later this week (let us know if you want to be added). This issue includes info on the Art for All sale, former GCW Kim Hunter’s speech given when she was awarded the Jack Penrod Award for Peace and Justice, a reflection on addiction by Kelli, and the House Letter. Hope you enjoy!

We were really excited last week to have David Keaton, the first death row inmate exonerated in Florida, stay with us at the house. David and his cousin Alphonso were in town to speak on the death penalty at St. Augustine Catholic Church. Here’s a photo of the two of them at the house:

David Keaton, first death row inmate exonerated in Florida (on left) and his cousin Alphonso.

David Keaton, first death row inmate exonerated in Florida (on left) and his cousin Alphonso.

Lastly, even as the semester winds down, we hope some of you who are sticking around can help out in May and early June. We’ll keep several of our projects going through the middle of June and can use help with things like the cafe, Breakfast Brigade, etc. Thanks!

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