HOUSE NEWS: One last chance at Art for All items, summer plans, and ending a GCW tradition

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

We were so fortunate to have with us last week Ben, Tamra’s boyfriend and a professional photographer. Ben took portraits of many of the people you see around the GCW on a regularly basis. You can see some of those portraits below in the slideshow.

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It was a good, exhausting week. We owe so many thanks to all of the folks who made things happen. On Thursday evening, a group of 25 of us said good bye to Tamra (our housemate for the past year), as well as thanks to some long-time community members who are moving on from Gainesville–Tim, Daphne and Russ, and Kim. Others who will be or have already left include Mark and Iris. We’re so grateful to have had all of you as part of the community over the past few years and we hope you’ll keep in touch and come back to visit whenever you can. We’re so excited to see what happens in your lives!

Thanks too for everyone who pulled off the Art for All sale on Saturday! Under Mary, Linda, Lori and Kelli’s leadership this past semester, the project and sale was a great success! Dozens of folks stopped by this weekend for the sale and to eat pie. And if you missed the sale, you’ll have another opportunity or two this week (see below).

LAST CHANCE ON ART FOR ALL ITEMS: If you missed out on the sale this week but still want to stop by and peruse the items, maybe get something for Mom for Mother’s Day or a graduating senior, here’s your chance. On Monday evening, from 7-10pm, the Art for All boutique will be open during the Green House Knitters gathering. And all day Wednesday, from 9:30am until 9pm, the house will be open for anyone wanting to check out Art for All items. If you can’t come during either of those times, email us at and we’ll work out a time for you to drop by.

MAY-JUNE PLANS: With the end of the Spring 2012 semester, we’ll make some changes to the schedule for May and early June. Of our regular projects, here are the ones which will continue over the next month with the date they’ll end in parentheses:

  • Green House Knitters (Monday, April 30 is last one)
  • Dorothy’s Farmers’ Market Cafe (through Wednesday, May 30)
  • Breakfast Brigade and Friday’s Centering Prayer and Reflection (through Friday, June 1)
  • JustFaith (through May 8, with retreat June 1-2)
  • House Dinners (through Thursday, June 7)
  • Micro-farm workday (Thursdays ongoing throughout the summer, just contact Jade)

We’ll be officially starting our summer sabbatical on June 9 and will re-open the last week of July when our new house community members for the fall start moving in. We’re lucky to have with us former house member Kim staying with us through May and former house member Daniel staying all summer long to help me care-take. For May especially, since we’re losing a number of student volunteers, we can use extra help for both the Wednesday Cafe and Friday Brigade. Let us know by email if you can commit to a regular shift on either of those for the month.

THE END OF BREAKFAST BRIGADE: You might have read inĀ the newsletter that the numbers at the labor pools have seriously gone down this past year, including one of the labor pools we used to visit closing down altogether. Some Fridays we’ve only had a handful of folks at both labor pools combined. So we’ve decided that this month will be the last month for Breakfast Brigade. Next fall, we’ll start a new project to replace Brigade, using the rest of this year to talk with our friends who live on the street about ideas of what is most needed right now and whether we have the resources to meet that need. If you’ve always wanted to do Brigade but just couldn’t make it, you’ve got 5 more chances before the end. Many, many thanks to all of the faithful people who have come done the Brigade at 4am over the past 12 years. You’re special, special folks.

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