HOUSE NEWS: Pizza cafe next week, and termites/stove update

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

TERMITE UPDATE: Thanks so much to the folks who already responded to our appeal to help get the house tented for termites. (This past weekend we sent out an appeal, upon learning we had termites and after meeting with a pest control company.) But you can hold on for a little while before sending thos checks as we might be pursuing another option. Jade, one of our extended community members, has some expertise in this area and is going to meet with the pest control company and see if there might be a cheaper alternative. If we need to go ahead with the tenting, we’ll send out another appeal. And if you sent a check already specifically for the tenting, let us know and we’ll hold it until we’re sure about how we’re proceeding. Thanks again folks!

STOVE UPDATE: And within hours of our appeal going out, we had someone donate a used stove to us! Thanks to Helen and Flo for connecting us with their friends who just had a new stove put in and were willing to give us their old one. I am going to pick it up later this afternoon!

PIZZA, PIZZA: In what is quickly becoming a GCW tradition, our last cafe this spring will feature homemade and local pizza pies! If you’d like to participate in Pizza Cafe Extravaganza III, next week on Wednesday, May 30, we would love to have the help. Here is how it works: 1) Let us know if you plan to make a homemade pizza pie or buy one from a local pizzeria (Big Lou’s is right downtown, as is Five Star; Mamma Mia and Italian Gator are both close by too…), and how many pies you will be making or buying; and 2) let us know when you’ll be bringing your pie(s) to the cafe (between 11:45am and 2pm). If you’d like to make a homemade pie on site, be here by 10am on Wednesday, May 30, and we’ll have all the fixings ready for you. It’s important that we know how many pies will be coming so we’ll have enough, so please email us and let us know if you’ll be bringing some!

END OF YEAR COUNTDOWN: We have just two cafes and two Breakfast Brigades left before we go on summer sabbatical. Let me know if you want to help out with either one. We can especially use at least 2-3 more people for the last EVER Brigade on June 1. If you still want to help out, there will be weekly workdays at the micro-farm on Saturdays, from roughly 9am to 1pm, all summer long. June 8 will be our last “open” day here at the house, and we’ll “re-open” and start things back up beginning on July 31 when Clayton and Gloria, our new live-in community members, move in.


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