HOUSE NEWS: Pizza Cafe finale, Breakfast Brigade ending, termite tenting help

Easter Breakfast Brigade 2005

Liliana, Kelly, Jacqueline and Nam at the pre-Easter Breakfast Brigade in 2005.
They were dyeing the eggs we’d later take to the labor pools.

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

PIZZAS NEEDED: This Wednesday will be our last cafe of the 2011-2012 year, which means: PIZZAS!  If you’d like to participate in Pizza Cafe Extravaganza III, we would love to have your help. Mainly what we need are pizzas. We will dish out somewhere between 15-25 pies over the course of three hours, so we need folks committed to bringing homemade pizzas or pizzas from one of our fine local pizzerias. Please let us know if you can bake and bring a homemade pizza or pick one (or more) up from our local pizzerias (Big Lou’s is right downtown, as is Five Star; Mamma Mia and Italian Gator are both close by too.) It’s important that we know how many pies will be coming so we’ll have enough, so please email us and let us know if you’ll be bringing some! And don’t forget to come and eat!

AFTER TWELVE YEARS, THE BREAKFAST BRIGADE COMES TO AN END: Friday will be our last Breakfast Brigade. As we’ve told you over the past few weeks, numbers have been consistently going down over the past few years and we’ve decided to end the Brigade and take on a new project in the fall. We’d like to put together a slideshow for the website of photos from the Brigade over the years, as well as some folks remembrances or comments about the Brigade. If you have any photos you want to share, or if you have a few moments and can share a short story or something you remember about the Brigade, please send them to us at John will put the info together over the summer and we’ll post it on the website later in the summer when we re-open. To everyone that has ever helped with the Brigade, we are so grateful!

HELP US GET THE HOUSE TENTED FOR TERMITES THIS SUMMER: After having four additional inspections this past week, it is clear that we’ve got termites, and that we’ve got them bad enough that we need to get tented this summer. The good news is that we did find a better price on getting the house tented. The cost will still be more than we have available in our budget, but some folks have already sent in checks (thanks!) and we’re hopeful that some of you who are in a position to do so will also send in an extra gift to help us cover the $3,000 cost. If you can help, send your checks in to the GCW, 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601. And thanks again!

This will be our last week of origanized projects at the house. We’ll still be open next week to tie up a few loose ends, but we’ll officially start our summer break on Sunday, June 10. Daniel and John will be caretaking the house over the summer, and we’ll reopen the first week of August when our community members for next year–Gloria, Clayton, Leroy and Vickie–start moving in.


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