Monthly Archives: June 2012

HOUSE NEWS: Summer update!

Even though we’re on summer sabbatical officially through July 31, a few things are happening this summer that we wanted to share with you.

SUMMER BAKE SALES: Supporters of the GCW are planning a bake sale-fundraiser at as many churches as possible during the month of July. If you think your church might be interested or if you are able to help, please contact Mary Peer at 371-6023 or Proceeds from the bake sales will go toward supporting the mission of the GCW. Many, many thanks!

TERMITE UPDATE: We also wanted to say thanks to everyone who has contributed to our termite tenting fund. We’ve almost received enough to cover the cost of the tenting. The house will be tented July 9-11. If you have the means and can contribute a little something toward the termite tenting fund, it woud be much appreciated. You can send a check made out to the Gainesville Catholic Worker House, to 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32601.

MICROFARM HUMS ALONG: If you’re looking for some good volunteer work to do over the summer, consider helping out at the microfarm. You can join Jade Allen and Lynn Chacko, members of the GCW extended community, at their urban micro-farm just a few blocks from UF. The micro-farm provides produce which is shared with our friends and neighbors at the cafe and through distribution from the GCW. Volunteer on Saturday all summer, anytime between 9am and 1pm. Call Jade at 352-213-4053 or 352-337-0817 to get directions and let him know you’re coming.

PREP FOR AUGUST: We’re excited to have 2 new community members moving into the house in August, plus one returning from last year, and a former member rejoining us after a couple of years. We’re still looking for a tall, wooden dresser for one of the bedrooms if you have one or know of one to donate. Just email me at and I’ll be glad to pick it up.

FINAL NOTE ON 2011-2012 YEAR: Next week, I’ll be sending out a wrap-up of the 2011-12 year. Keep an eye on your inbox for it. We’ll start sending out weekly emails again in mid-August.