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HOUSE NEWS: Temporary kitchen shutdown = no cafe this week

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For the past year or so, we’ve been dealing with a couple of kitchen-related problems that we’ve been fixing with band-aids and duct-tape (figuratively), but as of last week, they’ve reached the point where we’ll need to address the root problem (in the case of the plumbing, literally–the roots of the camphor tree has invaded our pipes!). Our sink has sprung multiple leaks, including one particularly large gash, and will either need to be professionally welded and fixed or we’ll have to get a new sink. We’ve got a welder coming out this week to see what they can do. And we had our camphor tree in the front yard cut down last week, with the stump set to be grinded down and pulled out this week too, allowing our plumber to get into the ground underneath the tree and see how bad the damage is from the tree roots which had penetrated the pipes and causing the periodic back-up in the system. We’re hoping that both can be resolved this week, but for the time-being, we’ll be shutting down Dorothy’s Cafe. The state of the sink and the problems with plumbing have just made large-scale meals too difficult, plus if they get to the work this week on the pipes, it’ll mean turning off the water for a few hours and Wednesday (cafe day) is the target date. So NO CAFE this week.

Still on for this week:

  • Green House Knitters on Monday night from 7:30-9:30pm
  • Micro-farm workdays on Tuesday and Thursday morning, anytime between 8am-12pm
  • Scripture study on Thursday evening from 7-8:15pm
  • as well as regular house hours, meals, etc.

Sorry for the inconvenience regarding the cafe, but we hope all our regular cafe volunteers will simply see it as a surprise day-off. And we look forward to getting back up and running next week with a little luck and your prayers!

HOUSE NEWS: Settling into the regular schedule

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After a few weeks of quite a bit of activity outside the regular schedule, we settle down this week. If you’re looking for an opportunity to regularly volunteer this semester, we’re still looking for good folks who can take regular gigs, so let us know.

SCRIPTURE PRESENTATION AT HOLY FAITH: Johnny will be giving a presentation on the basics of Scripture as the opening session in a series taking place at Holy Faith Catholic Church this year. The presentation, “Cracking Open the Book: Understanding the Basics,” will be from 9:30am to 12pm at Holy Faith Catholic Church in the Upper Hall.

Other items from among our regular schedule happening this week include: Green House Knitters tonight, Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday, and Art for All on Saturday. Hope to see you this week!

HOUSE NEWS: Welcoming Gloria and Clayton, starting scripture study, CIW in town, and more!

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

Lots going on this week at the GCW (and among our extended community)…

WELCOME GLORIA AND CLAYTON WITH US MONDAY! This Monday, September 10, we’ll be formally welcoming our new in-house community members, Gloria and Clayton Grady-Schmidt. Gloria and Clayton have been faithful volunteers for the past several years, and we’re thrilled that they decided to spend their first year after graduating (as well as their first year of marriage!) living and working at the Green House. Join us at 6pm Monday when we’ll have a short prayer service blessing them for the semester ahead followed by a potluck dinner at 6:30pm. Bring a dish to share if you can!

SCRIPTURE STUDY STARTS THURSDAY: We’ve re-started our house scripture study and we’ll be studying the Gospel of Luke this fall. Scripture study will take place at 7-8:15pm on Thursdays (except the first Thursday of each month when we have the Roundtable). This isn’t your typical study… We’ll do a close reading of a particular text, followed by reflection on how the passage critiques our society and culture and what it asks of us as followers of Jesus. All are welcome to attend. We’ll start off with a little overview of Luke this Thursday, a little sharing about ourselves, and some talk about how we’ll proceed together.

CIW IN THE HOUSE: We’re delighted to have members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers staying with us again at the Green House for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. The CIW folks are in town for the Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice’s “CIW Week of Action”. Check out the This Week page for a full list of what is happening in the communoty in support of the CIW, including a protest at the Westgate Publix on Friday at 5m, the Slavery Museum on the UF campus on Thursday, and more.

MONTHLY WORKDAY AT THE MICRO-FARM: Once-a-month, we sponsor a big workday at the Allen-Chacko micro-farm, just a few blocks from UF. The micro-farm provides produce which is shared with our friends and neighbors at the cafe and through distribution from the GCW. You can volunteer all morning or for an hour or whatever suits your schedule. Jade is also happy to offer advice and resources for starting your own garden, what to plant, etc. In addition to this monthly workday, volunteers are welcome to come out any Thursday morning (and now Tuesdays too!) to help with farm management and upkeep. Call Jade at 352-275-4661 or 352-337-0817 to get directions and let him know you’re coming.

A NEW INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY HAS STARTED: A group of folks, some associated with the GCW, have started a new intentional faith community in town and committed to worshiping and sharing a communal meal together once-a-month. The prayer service and potluck dinner happens each 3rd Sunday of the month, at a different member’s home, from 4-7pm. We’ll gather this Sunday at the micro-farm, Jade Allen and Lynn Chacko’s home. If you’re interested and want to learn more, call Jade at 352-275-4661 or 352-337-0817 to get directions and let him know you’re coming. Everyone is welcome…

WIRE NEEDED FOR ART FOR ALL: The next Art for All will be in 2 Saturdays, Sept. 22 and they’ll be making collage journals and wall-hangings, They need wire for the wall-hangings. If you’d like to donate wire, you can drop it off at the house during house hours or in the evenings. Thanks!

LOOKING FOR MORE STILLNESS AND QUIET IN YOUR LIFE? Vickie Machado, in-house community member, will be leading centering prayer and reflection each Monday at the Green House at 7am (done around 7:30, 7:45). Folks are welcome to join us for this great way to start your week. We’ll start right at 7am. The front door will be unlocked, so just come on in. GCW community members also often join the centering prayer group at the Cenacle Sisters’ home, which is nearby, on Wednesdays from 6-7pm. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll accompany you there for the first time or give you directions for getting there.

Hope you can join us for any of the above as well as Dorothy’s Cafe this Wednesday and more!

HOUSE NEWS: Notes from the Camino, Art for All re-start, and giving thanks for Herb

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It was so good seeing so many of you last week as we got our full schedule under way for the semester. The GCW is a big, extended community, and we rely on you to keep doing the work we’ve committed to doing in service to and in solidarity with our friends and neighbors who are struggling because of poverty, homelessness, addiction, unemployment, mental illness and more. If you’re thinking about finding something you can commit to on a weekly or monthly basis, we hope you’ll consider helping out this semester as a regular volunteer here at the Green House–at Dorothy’s Cafe, the microfarm, Art for All, football game Saturdays, or one of our other projects. We could use your help!

So many cool things happening this week…

Camino de Santiago

On the Camino de Santiago

EXPERIENCING THE CAMINO: This past summer, GCW co-founder Kelli Brew walked the Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile pilgrimage from western France across the north of Spain and ending in Santiago de Compostela. The Camino dates back to medieval times when pilgrims would walk to Santiago de Compostela to visit the tomb of St. James, apostle to Jesus. People walk the Camino for a variety of reasons. This Thursday, from 6:30-8pm, Kelli will share her experience at our first Roundtable of the semester, “Notes from the Camino.” Walking the Camino is a transformative and reflective experience, and Kelli will talk about her reasons for going on pilgrimage, share insights and stories gleaned from her 40 days walking the Camino, offer practical advice for people who may one day undertake it, and more. Join us and bring a dish to share if you can for the potluck dinner!

ARTISTS AND CRAFTERS UNITE! This Saturday, from 1-4pm, we’ll host our first Art for All workshop of the semester. Former house member Kendera Omanga, along with stalwart community members Mary Peer and Linda Gardner, are organizing the Art for All workshops every other Saturday through November. Art for All is part art therapy, part cottage industry (folks needing to earn a little money who want to sell their artwork or crafts through our in-house boutique are welcome to do so) and simply creative and fun for all who participate. Local artists will be on hand to teach or advise participants as needed. Everyone is welcome to come!

REMEMBERING A FRIEND AND SUPPORTER: The GCW continues to live and grow because of the generosity of so many–not only those who live close by but from friends and supporters all across the U.S. Last week, we learned that one of our most generous and encouraging supporters, Herb Bazur, had passed away at age 88. Herb, along with his wife Betty, supported our work from afar for many years (they lived in Michigan during the summer and winter in Central Florida, and recently relocated permanently to Ft. Wayne, Indiana). John wrote a short post on Herb on the site here for folks who want to know more about him and what he meant to our community and to John personally. Herb is survived by his wife Betty; please keep her and his entire family in your prayers. Herb was a sweet, sweet man and we will miss him something fierce.

ODDS AND ENDS: No Green House Knitters on Labor Day Monday this week. The Knitters will start back up next Monday … Jade says that he can use some extra help at the microfarm on Thursday mornings, whatever time you can spare, but he’s also open to folks helping out on Tuesday mornings if that fits your schedule better. See the project page for how to get in touch with Jade and get directions to the microfarm … And our new brochure is now available! Hard copies can be found at the house and a PDF is online and can be found by clicking here. The brochure includes our schedule for the semester, contact info, project descriptions and more.

Hope to see you this week at the GCW!