HOUSE NEWS: Valentine’s Day cards for sale and Microfarm Workday on Saturday!

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

The Art for All gang after their planning meeting last week.

The Art for All gang after their planning meeting last week.

We’re off to a good start with our new Breakfast @ the Green House project. We’re getting around 20 folks each morning coming by for breakfast, and we appreciate the contributions of baked goods and fresh fruit that several of y’all have already made, as well as the folks who have come to volunteer. If you’re looking for a regular weekly volunteer opportunity, we would love to have a few folks we know we can count on week in and week out. We’re doing breakfast on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, so any regular weekday slot that works for you would work for us. Just let us know!

VALENTINE’S DAY CARDS AVAILABLE FROM ART FOR ALL: This past Saturday (as well as this coming Saturday), the Art for All folks made many beautiful, creative Valentines for the upcoming Valentine’s Day holiday. If you’re looking for a special one-of-a-kind hand-made Valentine for that someone special, we’ve got one just for you. Remember that all sales go to support the artist that made the card or the house. And if you want to come and make your own, Art for All will be meeting this Saturday from 1-4pm, with Kendera and Mary again leading a workshop on card-making (including Valentine’s Day cards). If you have extra cardstock at home, drop it by the house whenever you can. Everyone is welcome to attend and help out, including families and kids!

MONTHLY WORKDAY AT THE MICROFARM: We are so lucky to be working with Lynn and Jade on their microfarm, located just a few blocks from UF. The Microfarm provides tons of produce to the house to use for the Breakfast @ the Green House project, Dorothy’s Cafe, and for distribution. Last week we used in the meals or distribute for free kale, cabbage, leeks, starfruit and more to people who are looking to supplement their diets with good, nutritious, fresh vegetables and fruits that they cannot always find, get access to or afford. So come out this Saturday, January 26, anytime between 9am and noon and help us harvest, plant, build and do some general maintenance at the microfarm. Everyone is welcome. This is a great activity for families too, with a number of small children and teens usually helping out. The microfarm is located at 415 NW 32nd Street (just turn north onto 32nd Street off of University Avenue). Come help for an hour or all morning! And if you want to help weekly, we have a regular Thursday workday too…

OPPORTUNITIES TO VOLUNTEER THIS SEMESTER: Now that you’ve settled in to your class schedule or work schedule, we hope you’ll consider making a regular weeky commitment to help out with one of our projects this semester too. We rely on regular, committed volunteers and we’d love to have you join us and make a place to be with us in your schedule. Here are some ideas for regular volunteer opportunities:

  • Dorothy’s Cafe – We need help preparing the meal between 9:30am and noon, serving the meal between noon and 3pm, and clean-up between 2:30-4pm every Wednesday. Any shift or part of a shift would be a great help!
  • Chores at the Microfarm – Each Thursday, between 8am and noon, we need help planting, harvesting, and caring for the crops at the microfarm. Come for an hour or all morning. The microfarm is located near the corner of University Avenue and 34th Street and easily accessible from campus. For both individuals and groups, we have a monthly workday each 4th Saturday of the month too.
  • Breakfast at the Green House – Each Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, we’ll be serving a light breakfast at the Green House. Come help prepare food around 6:30am any of those days (or earlier, contact us and we’ll tell you when prep begins on any specific day), help us serve for an hour or two between 7-9am, or help clean-up toward the end. It would be great to have an extra person helping any day of the week.
  • Art for All – Every Saturday from 1-4pm, work together with others or help others learn as we undertake art and craft projects for personal use, gifts and to sell.
  • Individual projects – Can’t commit to a regular volunteer gig? Or looking for something to better suit your schedule? Let us know and we’ll work with you to find ways for you to contribute that work for you and us.

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