HOUSE NEWS: Microfarm workday on Saturday, Lenten reflections, and more…

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

WORKDAY AT THE MICROFARM: This Saturday, March 16th will be our monthly workday at Black Acres Microfarm (or BAM). We’ll be on site and can use some extra volunteers between 9am and noon. BAM is located in the 400 block of NW 32nd Street (you can’t miss it). If you’ve never been out to BAM, you need to come and see the incredible things Jade and Lynn have done with their property. The food they grow is a main source of the produce that we serve each week at the cafe, distribute to our friends and neighbors, and use in a variety of other ways to get good fruits and vegetables to people who need it. So come on out between 9am and noon on Saturday, whether you can give 30 minutes or the full three hours. (NOTE: We’re doing our monthly workday on the 3rd Saturday this month because next Saturday is Jade’s birthday! Happy Birthday Jade!)

SPEAKING OF BIRTHDAYS! Happy Birthday to Gloria Grady-Schmidt, one of our house members! Gloria will be celebrating her birthday on Thursday, March 14; so if you’re around the house this week, make sure to wish her a happy one!

REFLECTIONS FOR LENT: Each Tuesday during Lent, Kelli has been writing short weekly reflections. Her reflections so far have been on awe, joy and today, presence. Today’s post includes this paragraph: “Real presence is connection – to ourselves and our own lives, and to our Creator. The quiet practice of it, sitting still in a dark room, is a discipline. But the growing expansiveness of presence in our daily lives ­is perhaps the most profoundly real thing we can experience. Our eyes begin to open to sparrows and mustard seeds, the lilies in the field, the lost sheep, the person across the room praying with us and the one on his way for a cup of coffee. ‘It went by so fast,’ said a friend’s dying father before he took his last breath. Be here now.” Click here to read all three of this Lent’s posts so far.

EXTRA VOLUNTEER HELP NEEDED ON MONDAY AFTER EASTER, APRIL 1: Several of our house members will be away on the Monday after Easter, April 1, and we’re in need of 2-3 extra volunteers to help with Breakfast@theGreenHouse that day from 7-9am. If you think you can make a one-time commitment to help that day, please let us know.

AND MORE HELP NEEDED: We’re still in need os some extra help for the breakfasts (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, between 7-9am) as well as for Dorothy’s Farmers’ Market Cafe on Wednesday (anytime between 10am and 4pm). If you think you can help out, be it just once or on a regular basis, please let us know.

COMMUNITY PRAYER SERVICE AND POTLUCK MEAL: Each month, on the third Sunday of the month, a group of us get together for worship and a meal, much in the tradition of the early church. It’s a small service, intimate, held in someone’s home. This Sunday we’re hosting it here at the GCW from 4-7pm. Everyone is invited to attend. The prayer service usually lasts about 45 minutes followed by dinner. Bring a dish to share if you can!

Hope to see many of you this week!


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