HOUSE NEWS: Come have a piece of homemade pie and enjoy the Art for All Open House this Sunday

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

art for all -2smART FOR ALL OPEN HOUSE (WITH HOMEMADE PIES!) THIS SUNDAY, APRIL 14: Each semester, a group of artists and crafters from among our house community, former guests and community members, volunteers, and friends who live on the street meet every Saturday to encourage each other’s creativity. They make beautiful objects of art and wonderful and useful crafts from a whole host of found and recycled items–old calendars, t-shirts, bottles, magazines, and such. These items get “up-cycled” to make vases, gift bags, rugs, paper flowers, ornaments and more (click here to see some Art for All creations). And at the end of each semester, we host an Art for All Open House to share with the larger community these beautiful works of love. The Art for All Open House will be this coming weekend, on Sunday, April 14, from 1-4pm. Stop by to see the work of these artsists and crafters, enjoy a slice of homemade pie, and maybe pick up a Mother’s Day (or graduation) gift. Please invite friends and others!

DROP BY CITIZENS COOP AND HELP SUPPORT THE GREEN HOUSE: All this month, Citizens Coop is featuring us, The Green House, as the object of their “Be the Change” campaign. Set up at each register in the store is a glass jar and information about the Green House. Customers can drop their change into the glass jars and at the end of the month, the Coop will direct all the proceeds from us. They’ll be doing this every month, focusing on a different group, and we’re lucky enough to be the very first one! So drop by the Coop, pick up some great food, and drop your change in the jar! Thanks! (You can see more about it here,, although the site is down right now for some reason.)

A WINDOW INTO THE WORLD OF THE GREEN HOUSE: Kelli wrote a really beautiful piece that I think captures a slice of our life at the Green House. The post is on her blog, What We Need Is Here, and it is entitled “Mercy.” You can find it by clicking here. Check it out when you have the time.

INTERESTED IN LIVING AT THE GAINESVILLE CATHOLIC WORKER FOR A SEMESTER? Each semester, we accept 3-6 students, recent grads, and other aduts who are interested in exploring life and work in a gospel-based community, standing with and working alongside people whom our society marginalizes, and deepening one’s sense of the intersection between spirituality and social justice. The GCW Semester gives individuals the opportunity to experiment with and practice a life of simplicity, solidarity, service, community, spirituality and more. It is a “total immersion” engagement in the life and work of the GCW. If you or someone you know might be interested in living and working with us for the Fall 2013 semester, we’d love to share information and talk. Email us and we’ll send some information to look through and set up a time to meet.

Hope you’ll stop by this weekend, Sunday from 1-4pm, and share a piece of pie with us!


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