HOUSE NEWS: Roundtable on intentional communities this Thursday

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

First off, a quick thank you to everyone who helped out this weekend preparing for and then participating in the big Art for All Open House and Sale. We had a great turn-out, much pie was eaten, and many folks helped support the house by buying some of the items created this past semester at Art for All. We’ll continue to display items throughout the next two weeks, so if there is something you might like to purchase, stop by any weekday and you can look at what is left (someone is always on duty between 1-5pm, but you can stop by anytime). We’ll also be displaying at the Art Walk on Friday, April 26, so come by and see us then (more info in next week’s email). You can click here to see some of the items created at Art for All.

ROUNDTABLE THIS WEEK ON INTENTIONAL COMMUNITIES: This week, we’re really excited to have back with us Whitney Sanford, UF professor of religion, to talk about “Sustainability, Autonomy, and Resilience: Lessons from Intentional Communities.” The roundtable will be on Thursday at 6:30pm at the Green House. Here’s a short description: “Intentional communities such as Catholic Worker Houses and Farms, ecovillages, and Transition Towns, demonstrate alternatives, including voluntary simplicity, regional economies, and community responsibility. What can we learn from these communities, and how do these lessons translate beyond these communities?” Bring a dish to share if you can!

COMMUNITY PRAYER SERVICE ON SUNDAY: This Sunday, we’ll be hosting a community prayer service and potluck dinner at the Green House, from 4-7pm. A small group of folks have been meeting monthly to worship together, plan activities and share a meal. Everyone is welcome to join us. Bring a dish to share if you can!

DROP BY CITIZENS COOP AND HELP SUPPORT THE GREEN HOUSE: All this month, Citizens Coop is featuring us, The Green House, as the object of their “Be the Change” campaign. Set up at each register in the store is a glass jar and information about the Green House. Customers can drop their change into the glass jars and at the end of the month, the Coop will direct all the proceeds from us. They’ll be doing this every month, focusing on a different group, and we’re lucky enough to be the very first one! So drop by the Coop, pick up some great food, and drop your change in the jar! Thanks! (You can see more about it here,, although the site is down right now for some reason.)

Thanks for all yor support!


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