HOUSE NEWS: New outdoor dining area is in!

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NEW OUTDOOR DINING AREA IS IN! This past Wednesday, after receiving out latest newsletter, a friend of the house showed up around 10am and said, “Let’s do this outdoor dining area project!” And five days later, it is complete! We’ve been wanting to put in a patio in the side yard for some time now, hoping to take advantage of the increase in space it allows us so that folks who come for breakfasts and lunch can relax and linger over their meals, instead of moving out to make room for the next group of folks to come in. The new outdoor dining area should allow us to provide seating for 20-25 outside, doubling our capacity and making the experience of dining here at the house more welcoming and spacious for our guests. Many thanks to our friend who provided the resources and experience, as well as the time, to get this project done! The work was a joint effort involving a lot of folks over the last few days, including Vickie, Mohammed, Danny, Johnny IV, Clayton, and others. Thanks to all! Which brings us to a new request…

LOOKING FOR GOOD, STURDY OUTDOOR TABLES AND CHAIRS: Eventually we hope to build some nice heavy-duty picnic tables for the new outdoor dining area, but in the meantime, if you have good wooden or metal outdoor tables or chairs that need a good home, send them our way! The lighter-weight outdoor furniture seems to get regularly liberated from our backyard, but heavier items seem to stay put. If you have anything you want us to come pick up, we’d be glad to. Just let us know.

NEW COMMUNITY PRAYER SERVICE AND POTLUCK THIS SUNDAY: A small group of us have been meeting once-a-month to worship together in an informal, intimate setting, and then share a meal. Everyone is welcome. This month’s gathering will be at the home of Dave and Gloria Chynoweth. Contact us for directions.

ONE COMMUNITY MEMBER LEAVES AS ANOTHER ARRIVES: These next few days are Vickie’s last ones with us. She’ll be heading out on Thursday morning, starting a new chapter in her life. She’s gifted us with a copy of her thesis (on the Catholic Worker and bioregionalism) to keep her at the house for anyone to read who is interested. We’re so grateful for Vickie and everything she has done here over the past 5-plus years. And as Vickie leaves, we welcome a new live-in member, Oliver, who will be with us for the summer. Oliver arrives later today. Both the new and old will be here at the café tomorrow, so if you want a good lunch, a chance to say good bye and hello, stop by the house! (We’ll give Oliver a proper introduction in next week’s house news.)

NEW EDITION OF CONSPIRE, OUR NEWSLETTER, IS NOW AVAILABLE: We just completed another edition of our irregular newsletter, Conspire, and many of you should be receiving a copy in the mail this week. If you don’t get a hard copy and would like to be added to the mailing list, let us know! If you want to download and look at a PDF of the newsletter, you can see it here.

Thanks to everyone! Hope to see you this week!


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