A note from Kelli and John

Dear friends of the Gainesville Catholic Worker,

In late-August, we decided to take a break and step away from our work at the Gainesville Catholic Worker. We’ve started the GCW in 2000—thirteen years ago!—and it has been an extraordinary and challenging way of life. We are so grateful for all of the support we have received over the years—both personally and as a community. And we’re excited to share with you that while we have decided to move out of the Green House, a new community of former live-in members and guests is moving in, and with the support of a core group of long-time local volunteers and supporters, the work of the GCW will continue on. And most of all, we hope that YOU will continue to be a part of the GCW and support the work!

The new live-in community includes Daniel Loya (GCW member from 2011), Kendera and Moraa Omanga (GCW members 2006-8, 10-11) and Mohamed Ramadan (frequent guest since 2005). They’re the new “faces” of the community for the next year, and they’re supported by a number of folks who are committed to offering support in a variety of capacities. We are hopeful that a firm foundation has been built and that the Gainesville Catholic Worker will continue for many years to come.

Personally, we ask for your understanding—and your forgiveness—for not being able right now to carry on with the work we started together. We also ask for your prayers and support for the continually renewed effort to live faithfully in this time and place that the Green House represents. The house is re-opening on October 1st and the new community will need your care and support to carry the vision forward.

One particular way that we are asking you to support the new community is to help them get off to a good start by sharing with them a special gift or contribution today. Over the years, we used money from our outside jobs and pre-GCW savings to fill in the gaps when times were tight (and they were often tight!) and keep the house open and our projects going. To continue on, the house needs to become self-sufficient through the generosity of friends and family and others who believe in the work and the vision. If you’ve been a regular supporter, we hope you’ll continue to do so. If you’re in a position to give a little something extra right now as a boost for this new start, we would be really grateful. Whatever you can do, we thank you, and we hope you’ll keep the house and the new community in your prayers and visit when you’re in the neighborhood.

In gratitude,

Kelli and John


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  1. Sheila Broderick

    Would a check be made payable to the “Gainesville Catholic Worker”? Thank you and I pray God will continue to bless the work of the Green house!

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