Roundtable this week; Dorothy’s Cafe Restarting next month!

Dear friends, 
Here’s what’s going on at GCW this week and beyond: 
BREAKFAST: The word has been getting out about breakfasts, and we had many guests this week.  We will be continuing to serve on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays from 7-10am. Please keep the gifts of breakfast foods coming!  We need items such as hard boiled eggs, fresh fruit, baked goods, fair trade coffee, juice, and more.  Food can be dropped off the evening before each breakfast (Sunday, Monday, and Thursday evenings) from 6-8:30pm, or you can contact Daniel at to arrange an alternate time.  Also, Daniel is one of our most stalwart volunteers, but he recently injured himself and will not be able to help with breakfast until he is healed, so we really could use some extra volunteers.  Let us know if you’re able to volunteer on a regular or one-time basis!

MICROFARM MORNINGS: Each Thursday morning from 8-11:30 will be a workday at Black Acres Microfarm (BAM).  BAM donates almost all it produces to the Green House so it is a crucial part of what we do.  Contact Jade Allen via email ( phone (352-337-0817) for questions &/or directions to BAM.  Check BAM out on facebook at https://www.facebook. com/pages/Black-Acres- Microfarm/175375829288542

ROUNDTABLE–THURSDAY, 10/17: We will be hosting our first roundtable of the semester from 6:30-8pm at the Green House.  We will share a potluck dinner, and discuss the prologue, introduction, and first two chapters of the book All the Way to Heaven: A Theological Reflection on Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and the Catholic Worker.  All are welcome, even if you have not read the book!  One or two copies are available at the house if you would like to borrow one…and we could use some extra copies too, if you have one to lend.
ART-FOR-ALL: Saturdays from 2-5pm at the Green House.  The focus will be on crafting items (including home-made jam) for our upcoming open house and holiday sale. No crafting experience is necessary and all materials are provided. Children are more than welcome and will be able to work on crafts of their own.  This week’s project is fabric ornaments.

DOROTHY’S CAFE STARTING BACK UP IN NOVEMBER: We are planning to restart Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday, November 6.  Prep will be 9:30-12 and serving 12-3.  We are looking for volunteers, especially those who can make a regular weekly commitment.  We are also looking for small groups that want to “sponsor” one individual cafe.  Please contact for more information.

WISH LIST: Our continued thanks to those who have been sending in gifts.  Besides financial gifts, here are some of the items the Green House can use right now: towels, blankets, socks, scarfs, winter hats, any first aid stuff, and small size toiletries.  Thank you so much!
 The GCW crew

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  1. Sheila Broderick

    Thanks for the excellent update! Keep up the good work! I love and support the GCW from Jacksonville!

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