Thanksgiving Week Schedule, and some things to plan for in December

THANKSGIVING WEEK SCHEDULE:  We will be holding our usual coffee shops on Monday and Tuesday of this week, and we are also adding an extra workday on Monday at the Microfarm (see below for more).  But then, the Green House will be closed Wednesday through Friday for Thanksgiving.  We will reopen Sunday, December 1 with the Open Table monthly prayer service.  

MICROFARM MORNINGMonday, November 25 from 8:30 AM-12:00 PM we have added a special workday at Black Acres Microfarm (BAM).  Volunteers are desperately needed.  We have had almost no volunteers at any of the microfarm workdays this fall.  BAM is essential to the work of the Green House because it donates almost all that it produces to GCW.   Contact Jade Allen via email ( or phone (352-337-0817) for questions &/or directions to BAM.  To any high school students looking for community service hours, please consider volunteering!

COFFEE SHOPSMonday, and Tuesday mornings from 7:30-9:30 we will be having our usual coffee shops–volunteers asked to arrive at 7:15 if possible.  Volunteers are also needed for cleanup from about 9:30-10:30 AM.  Again, high school students are welcome to volunteer for these, and/or we can find other jobs around the Green House—contact us at   Please note: no coffee shop Friday morning this week. 

ART-FOR-ALL: It’s almost time for the Open House and Holiday Sale!  Please join us on Saturday December 7 from 1-4pm at the Green House.  We will be selling the various items the Art-for-All crew has been crafting all fall –and which would make wonderful gifts!

PRAYER SERVICE ON SUNDAY: The Open Table community will be holding its monthly prayer service and potluck Sunday, December 1 beginning at 4pm at the Green House.  Please join us as we begin our Advent journey together.  All are welcome.  Contact for more information.

ADVENT COMPLINE AND BIBLE STUDY: Mark your calendars for Mondays in Advent—December 2, 9, and 16 (but NOT the 23rd) from 7:30-9pm.  We will be sharing Advent Compline (Night Prayer) each of those Mondays, followed by a Bible study in which we take a closer look at the stories of Jesus’ birth in Matthew and Luke.  Please join us!

THANK YOU! A big thanks to Chris Jetté for buying and helping to install a replacement washer for us (our old one broke beyond  repair this past week).  Chris and his family also donated a dryer just a couple of weeks ago, so we are very grateful.  It takes a lot of laundry to keep the Green House going!

QUOTATION OF THE WEEK: From Chapter Two of All the Way to Heaven: A Theological Reflection on Dorothy Day, Peter Maurin, and the Catholic Worker by Lawrence Holben:

For the[Catholic] Worker, voluntary poverty is not taken on out of some sort of spiritual masochism…It is not a penance.  Neither is it required because the gifts and pleasures of the material world are evil in and of themselves.  Rather, voluntary poverty is welcomed so that we might live with integrity, in authentic solidarity with the poor—those we serve, those on whose behalf we speak out against injustice, those we empower to speak out for themselves.  Poverty is adopted gladly, because in it we discover liberation.  As we let go of the comforts and protections of the bourgeois world, we find ourselves free to make personalist choices without having to calculate their potential cost.  We have nothing left to lose.  As Dorothy Day wrote:


“Once we begin not to worry about what kind of house we are living in , what kind of clothes we are wearing, we have time…to remember that we are our brother’s keeper, and that we must not only care for his needs as far as we are immediately able, but try to build a better world.”


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