A Letter from the GCW Community

Dear Friends of GCW,

It is with great sadness that we must share with you that the Green House of the Gainesville Catholic Worker has been closed, and will soon be sold. This was an extremely difficult, but unavoidable decision.  However, the Gainesville Catholic Worker Community plans to continue on.  The community existed before the house, and we believe we can continue without the house in some fashion.

 The small group of long-time volunteers who have been working to keep things going over the past year has committed to stay together as a group, continue some projects, and perhaps begin new ones.  Some of the projects we plan to continue are: Art-for-All, the Microfarm, and possibly a regular meal at GRACE Marketplace (something we did over the summer on a weekly basis, and hope to continue on at least a monthly basis).  A new project we are considering is a women’s project at GRACE. 

The community will be anchored by a monthly prayer service and potluck.  All are welcome at these monthly gatherings, whether or not you participate in any of our projects or support the community in other ways.  Our next prayer service/potluck will be Sunday, August 24 at 4pm, at the home of Gloria and Dave Chynoweth.  Please contact us at gvillecw@yahoo.com for directions, or call them at: (352) 283-8202.

We will keep you posted as details of our plans emerge; follow on our website and e-mails.  We encourage you to get involved, and we ask for your prayers during this difficult time of transition.  Financial gifts are also needed and welcome; checks can still be made out to the Gainesville Catholic Worker, and, for now, can be sent to: Gainesville Catholic Worker, P.O Box 12753, Gainesville, FL 32604.

We are eternally grateful to all who have made this community what it is, especially our founders Kelli Brew and Johnny Zokovitch.  We are also grateful to Johnny for allowing us to continue to use the house over the past year at considerable personal financial risk and sacrifice.  We owe our deep gratitude to Daniel Loya and Kendera Omanga, who put their lives and plans on hold in order to anchor the live-in community—without them, we would not have been able to keep the Green House going over the past year. Our deep thanks to Fr. John Phillips and the Holy Faith parish who have supported us so faithfully for many years and have pledged to continue to do so. 

Finally, we want to say a big THANK YOU to each of you who have supported us over the years in myriad ways—volunteering, financial gifts, prayers, and so much more.  This community would not have any hope of continuing without you.  Knowing that so many still do believe in the Gainesville Catholic Worker and all that it represents inspires us to keep the flame alive.  Peace be with you all.

The GCW Crew


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