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FEEDBACK: Why are you part of the GCW community?

It is the end of another year for us (we operate on the school schedule, you understand) and part of what we do during our “summer sabbath” is reflect and evaluate the year just past, and start planning for the next year. We’ve never done this before, but as we do this reflecting, evaluating and planning, we would love to hear some feedback from all of you who are part of the GCW community.

So, we’d like to ask: Why are you part of the GCW community? Why do you come to the house? What is it about the GCW that most resonates or speaks to you and keeps you coming back?

If you’d like to weigh in, we’d love to hear from you. Join the discussion thread on our Facebook page or click on the “Comments” link below this post and leave your thoughts here. Thanks!