16The following is a list of projects in which we are currently engaged.  We hope to continue to add to this list over the coming year. For more information, email us –   gvillecw(at)yahoo(dot)com.

Monthly “Open Table” Prayer Service/Potluck–The community is anchored by these monthly gatherings, held on the second Sunday of each month at 4pm at Holy Faith Catholic Church.  All are welcome even if you do not participate in any of the other activities of the community or support us in other ways.  Contact for more information.

Monthly meals at GRACE Marketplace — We are trying to support the new one-stop center for our friends who are homeless by serving a monthly meal there.  Contact Beth Hinrichs at for more information.

Monthly workdays at Black Acres Microfarm – Join us at this urban microfarm just a few blocks from UF. In partnership with the GCW, we help provide regular volunteers to the microfarm and the produce from the microfarm is shared with our friends and neighbors through our GRACE meals and through distribution. Volunteer all morning or for an hour or whatever suits your schedule. Contact Jade at to get directions and let him know you’re coming!

Women’s Group at GRACE–Some members of our community are in the process of organizing a group for women at GRACE Marketplace.  If you are interested in participating and/or supporting this project, contact Marlene Payette at


Check  out the “This Month” tab for a weekly update that features these and other special projects that may come up during the semester.

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