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An Economy of Grace

The work we do relies on the help of people throughout our local and extended community. We believe in a “loaves and fishes” philosophy, that we can take what little we do have, and when we share it with those who are in need, we find that we have more than enough. We have always believed that if a lot of people give a little – in whatever way they are able to and feel called to – that we will find we have more than enough to do all that we are called to do.

You can support us with your prayers, your time, and your financial gifts. Here is a list of some of our current needs.  In addition, checks can be made out to the Gainesville Catholic Worker and sent to the address below.  We are not a registered non-profit or charity – just a community that works with people in need. Therefore, gifts are not tax deductible. One hundred percent of whatever is given, though, goes directly to folks who need it. No one in the community is paid for the work we do here. We live by the work of our own hands and the gifts of friends.

For more information on supporting the Gainesville Catholic Worker, feel free to contact us by email at gvillecw(at), or by mail at Gainesville Catholic Worker, P.O. Box 12573, Gainesville FL 32604. We are very grateful to everyone who has joined us and supported this work. Thank you!

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