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UPDATE: Lent with the GCW, Gainesville’s African American History, Living Locally


The season of Lent, a time for reflection, repentance, prayer, and almsgiving, begins on Wednesday.   Over the past seven years, some folks who have made it part of their Lenten discipline to become more involved in some of the activities here at the House.  If you’re interested, here are some ways to plug in.  See the WEEKLY CALENDAR for details:

Pray with us at Wednesday Morning Prayer – 7:00 – 7:30 am at the House.

Sponsor or help out at a Breakfast Brigade – Tuesdays and Fridays, 4:15am – 7am; Serve a healthy, tasty breakfast to hungry folks at the day labor pools. Or buy breakfast – we serve up to 200 people/week for about $200.

Volunteer at a Café – First three Sundays of the month; Make the soup, learn to bake the bread, serve, eat, and/or clean up.

Participate in Scripture Study – Tuesday nights 6-7:30 (or so); join us for a simple meal and a provocative look at the Sermon on the Mount.  To catch up on last week’s study, click here.

Join us at the Roundtable – Thursdays, 6-7:30pm; each week we share a potluck dinner while a guest speaker leads us in a discussion on a current economic, political, religious, or cultural issue.  This week,Joel Buchanan, one of the three students who integrated Gainesville High in 1964 and a prominent voice in Gainesville’s African-American community, will talk about Gainesville’s African-American History and his own own recollections. Future roundtable guests and topics will be posted here

Get a copy of the Pax Christi Lent Booklet: Johnny is one of a handful of authors featured in a Lenten reflection booklet from Pax Christi USA, Invited to Transformation: Reflections for Lent 2008. We have about 30 copies available at the GCW House for anyone who is interested in using it as a resource for reflection and prayer during the Lenten season. You can email Johnny ( or pick up a copy at the house anytime for free or feel free to make a donation which will go back into supporting the GCW house.

Take Part in the Good Friday “Way of the Cross” – Friday, March 21.  The Way of the Cross is an ancient tradition. Join us as we make our way through downtown Gainesville and reflect on how Christ continues to be crucified among us in the poor and marginalized in our community. 

Commit to Learning to Live More Locally – Since the beginning, we’ve considered it a main mission of the Gainesville Catholic Worker to “live locally.”  We try to buy the food we use and serve directly from local farmers or – when impossible –  from Ward’s, a local grocery store that often buys directly from local growers.  And we try to be conscious of how what we consume – food, entertainment, energy, clothing, etc. – affects our brothers and sisters.   During Lent, we are going to try to be more intentional and invite you to struggle along with us, and weigh in when you can, on how to live locally in Gainesville.  We’ll write about our family’s attempts, failures, education – and hopefully progress – HERE.