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HOUSE NEWS: Welcoming Gloria and Clayton, starting scripture study, CIW in town, and more!

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

Lots going on this week at the GCW (and among our extended community)…

WELCOME GLORIA AND CLAYTON WITH US MONDAY! This Monday, September 10, we’ll be formally welcoming our new in-house community members, Gloria and Clayton Grady-Schmidt. Gloria and Clayton have been faithful volunteers for the past several years, and we’re thrilled that they decided to spend their first year after graduating (as well as their first year of marriage!) living and working at the Green House. Join us at 6pm Monday when we’ll have a short prayer service blessing them for the semester ahead followed by a potluck dinner at 6:30pm. Bring a dish to share if you can!

SCRIPTURE STUDY STARTS THURSDAY: We’ve re-started our house scripture study and we’ll be studying the Gospel of Luke this fall. Scripture study will take place at 7-8:15pm on Thursdays (except the first Thursday of each month when we have the Roundtable). This isn’t your typical study… We’ll do a close reading of a particular text, followed by reflection on how the passage critiques our society and culture and what it asks of us as followers of Jesus. All are welcome to attend. We’ll start off with a little overview of Luke this Thursday, a little sharing about ourselves, and some talk about how we’ll proceed together.

CIW IN THE HOUSE: We’re delighted to have members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers staying with us again at the Green House for the 2nd time in 2 weeks. The CIW folks are in town for the Gainesville Interfaith Alliance for Immigrant Justice’s “CIW Week of Action”. Check out the This Week page for a full list of what is happening in the communoty in support of the CIW, including a protest at the Westgate Publix on Friday at 5m, the Slavery Museum on the UF campus on Thursday, and more.

MONTHLY WORKDAY AT THE MICRO-FARM: Once-a-month, we sponsor a big workday at the Allen-Chacko micro-farm, just a few blocks from UF. The micro-farm provides produce which is shared with our friends and neighbors at the cafe and through distribution from the GCW. You can volunteer all morning or for an hour or whatever suits your schedule. Jade is also happy to offer advice and resources for starting your own garden, what to plant, etc. In addition to this monthly workday, volunteers are welcome to come out any Thursday morning (and now Tuesdays too!) to help with farm management and upkeep. Call Jade at 352-275-4661 or 352-337-0817 to get directions and let him know you’re coming.

A NEW INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY HAS STARTED: A group of folks, some associated with the GCW, have started a new intentional faith community in town and committed to worshiping and sharing a communal meal together once-a-month. The prayer service and potluck dinner happens each 3rd Sunday of the month, at a different member’s home, from 4-7pm. We’ll gather this Sunday at the micro-farm, Jade Allen and Lynn Chacko’s home. If you’re interested and want to learn more, call Jade at 352-275-4661 or 352-337-0817 to get directions and let him know you’re coming. Everyone is welcome…

WIRE NEEDED FOR ART FOR ALL: The next Art for All will be in 2 Saturdays, Sept. 22 and they’ll be making collage journals and wall-hangings, They need wire for the wall-hangings. If you’d like to donate wire, you can drop it off at the house during house hours or in the evenings. Thanks!

LOOKING FOR MORE STILLNESS AND QUIET IN YOUR LIFE? Vickie Machado, in-house community member, will be leading centering prayer and reflection each Monday at the Green House at 7am (done around 7:30, 7:45). Folks are welcome to join us for this great way to start your week. We’ll start right at 7am. The front door will be unlocked, so just come on in. GCW community members also often join the centering prayer group at the Cenacle Sisters’ home, which is nearby, on Wednesdays from 6-7pm. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll accompany you there for the first time or give you directions for getting there.

Hope you can join us for any of the above as well as Dorothy’s Cafe this Wednesday and more!


HOUSE NEWS: Preparing for the weeks ahead, can you help?

The Labor Cross by Fritz Eichenberg

Blessed are the workers and those who long for good work this Labor Day, The Labor Cross by Fritz Eichenberg

To see what’s happening this week, click here.

Thanks to everyone who came out to help last week as we added in the first Dorothy’s Farmers Market Cafe of the semester as well as the first Roundtable. We had a great group of volunteers on Wednesday, and a delicious first meal: black beans and rice with peppers and onions, mango salsa, deviled eggs, homemade wheat-flax bread with honey butter and muscadine grapes. It was a feast. We’re going to be a little short-handed possibly this week, especially in the afternoon, since one of our regulars is going to be gone. If you can help out anytime on Wednesday, let us know. And if you’d like to commit to a regular volunteer gig at the cafe this semester, we would love it!

So, after adding in the cafe and Roundtable last week, we’ll be adding a few more things to our regular weekly schedule this week and next…

CENTERING PRAYER AND REFLECTION: Each Friday after the Breakfast Brigade, at 7am, house members gather for a short community prayer consisting of 20 minutes of centering prayer, a short reflection and some sharing. The prayer is open to anyone, so if you do Breakfast Brigade or find yourself still downtown at 7am Friday, feel free to drop in an join us.

ART FOR ALL RETURNS! The Art for All project resonated with so many people last year that we have decided to continue it. Beginning Saturday, Sept. 17 (note that this is next Saturday, not this-coming Saturday), from 1-4pm, we’ll start a new series of project for personal enjoyment and the end-of-semester art sale. Local artists and crafters will join us each Saturday to teach new skills, provide some guidance and encourage folks to get creative. For one upcoming A4A project, we’re looking for donations of T-shirts in all conditions and colors. You can drop them by the house anytime (leave them on the front stoop if no one is home).

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME (GATOR) FOOTBALL? We’ll be hosting four viewing parties for Gator football games during the season, with the first one being on Saturday, Sept. 17, vs. Tennessee. We usually get a good turnout of folks who don’t otherwise get to relax and watch the game and we try to make it a really enjoyable experience for all. We’d like to have groups “sponsor” each of the games we’ll be showing this year (others are Oct. 1 vs. Alabama; Oct. 29 vs. Georgia; and Nov. 12 vs. South Carolina). Sponsoring typically includes providing some party food (chips and dips, chili, pizza, iced tea, etc.), helping with set-up and clean-up, and hanging out for the game (if possible). If you or a group of folks you know are interested in sponsoring one of the football game parties, let us know, especially if you think you can help with the Sept. 17 game.

NEW BROCHURE PRINTED AND ONLINE: We printed up our new brochures for the semester this past week and have copies at the house. Help us spread the word by picking up a couple when you are at the house and sharing them with friends, putting them out at your church, etc. The new brochures have the schedule for the fall semester plus general information about all of our projects, history, philosophy, etc. Click here to see the GCW Fall 2011 Brochure online.

As with every week, let us know if you think you’ll be able to help out and when. You can drop us a line at Have a great week! And happy Labor Day!