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HOUSE NEWS: The revolution begins with the Word

Dear friends,

To see the schedule for this week, click here.

SCRIPTURE STUDY STARTS TUESDAY – NEW TIME! We’re experimenting a little with scripture study this semester, deciding to do it during the day instead of our usual evening study. We’ve found that our evenings have traditionally been a little overloaded, and we’re trying to balance our schedule out some. We hope that those of you with some flexibility in your schedule might be able to join us on Tuesdays, from 2:30-4pm, this semester. If you haven’t been to our scripture study before, we think it’ll be like no other study you’ve attended. We look at the scripture story as the revelation that proclaims revolution. Come see why…

ROUNDTABLE – LEAH SARAT ON THE IMMIGRATION DETENTION INDUSTRY: We’re thrilled to have Leah Sarat, a UF doctoral student in religion, join us again to continue what have proven to be some of our most vigorous discussions, around the issue of immigration. Leah’s research and work has focused on border issues, and her knowledge of and passion for her subject is evident to all. This week, she’ll be talking about the immigrant detention industry, described by the New York Times as the “fastest-growing, least-examined type of incarceration in America.”  She’ll lead us in discussion about how the rise in immigrant detention is tied to demand on the part of private, for-profit prisons to fill jail space. Please bring a dish to share if you can! We hope you’ll join us!

NO SUNDAY CAFE: Each year we forego Dorothy’s Cafe on the first Sunday of February due to the Super Bowl–not because we’re huge football fans, but because First United Methodist Church just a few blocks from us puts on a big Super Bowl party and most of our usual guests head there to watch the game, eat barbeque, and win door prizes. It’s quite the celebration. Kudos to First United Methodist!

In peace,