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HOUSE NEWS: Last Roundtable of the semester, extra help needed this week

Baby Guerilla Sunflowers

For more information on what’s happening at the Green House this week, please click here.

The highlight of this week will be our last Roundtable of the year, featuring Iris Zielske, former community member and UF graduate. She will lead us in a discussion about her decision to go to Tanzania to work at an orphanage there rather than immediately pursue her profession as an engineer. She’ll also share about her former experience as a summer volunteer at Hananasif Orphanage and the plans for her current trip (see a video of Iris describing Hananasif here). We invite and would LOVE to see those of you who are graduating and leaving town this semester as well as those who have made similar decisions to Iris’ or are considering the possibilities – and everyone else of course. Please bring a dish to share if you can. If you can’t, then come anyway.

We could use a little extra volunteer help this week as John is out of town, particularly in the following projects. Please see “this week” for the other volunteer opportunities and email to let us know if and when you can help.

  • Tuesday’s Coffee House – set up and serve, hang out, play cards, checkers or other games.
  • Wednesday’s Cafe – We have gotten some beautiful lettuce from the farmers market again this week and need help transforming it, along with some of the other beautiful spring produce we’ve gleaned, into chef salads Let Kelli know if you can stop by at 10 to get things ready (
  • Friday’s Breakfast Brigade – If your time in Gainesville is winding down, here’s your chance to volunteer one last time at the earliest venue in town.

Thanks as always for all the ways you support us!

Kelli and John

HOUSE NEWS: The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away…and the Lord giveth back again

Dear friends,

For a complete list of what is going on this week, please click here.

CAR UPDATE: After a week of being awol, our vehicle was returned to us. It apparently was used for some–let’s just say, unsavory–activities. Thanks to someone in a Nissan Pathfinder almost running down a police officer in Williston last Tuesday night, police throughout the area were on the lookout for Nissan Pathfinders–the same model of our vehicle. And early Wednesday morning, GPD pulled over our vehicle, called us to come pick it up, and after a thorough cleaning, we have our vehicle back–not much worse for the wear. Thanks for all the kind emails last week!

IT WAS AROUND 32 DEGREES WHEN THEY LEFT CINCINNATI… But in the low seventies when they arrived in Gainesville. Saturday we welcomed a group of 8 from the University of Cincinnati to do an alternative spring break with us. If you have a chance to drop by and say hello, they’d love to meet you. They’ve already nearly cleared an empty lot for our new community garden (see below), celebrated Matthew’s birthday with us, and gotten to learn a little about the Catholic Worker and our home specifically. We have special talks and activities planned with them this week, so feel free to stop by the house and join us for any of these activities from Tuesday thru Saturday morning when they’ll leave to head back.

NEW COMMUNITY GARDEN PROJECT BEGINS: Kendera found and secured an empty lot about two blocks from our house for us to start a new community garden. We’re in the process of clearing the lot out this week and we’ll start planting, etc next week and in the weeks to come. Watch the “This Week” page regularly and the weekly email for regular garden hours if you’d like to join us. The food produced from the garden will be used at the Jubilee House, for Dorothy’s Cafe, and shared with friends from the neighborhood.

EVERYTHING YOU WANTED TO LEARN ABOUT ISLAM BUT WERE AFRAID TO ASK: This week we’re really happy to have members of Islam on Campus (IOC) join us for Thursday’s Roundtable at 6pm. IOC members will share with us some of the basics about Islam and some of what they think every U.S. citizen should know about their faith. Join us for the discussion and bring a dish to share if you can!

BIRTHDAYS, REDUX: Also at the end of Thursday’s Roundtable, we’ll be celebrating Kimberly’s birthday! You can post messages of birthday happiness to Kim on her Facebook page (click here) or send us emails or post messages on the GCW Facebook page and we’ll be sure to pass your well-wishes on to here! Happy Birthday Kim!

ART FOR A CHANGE: Also this week, former live-in GCW community member Iris Zielske will be hosting a special art show to benefit her friends work on behalf of children in Tanzania. Here’s the scoop: “Art for a Change is a collective that uses what we can do (art & a sweet event) to change things that we wouldn’t normally be able to (ie. the life of an orphan in Tanzania). We have been collecting art and other handmade items and now we will sell the art and all proceeds will go to support Hananasif Orphanage in Tanzania. The event will be an art show, with live music and a raffle of items donated by local businesses, on Friday, March 27, 7 – 10pm at The Exchange – 815 W University Ave.
Check out for more information.”

FORMER GUEST PASSES AWAY: We also ask you to keep our friend Laurie and her family in your prayers. Laurie is a former guest at the house who passed away this week at the age of 35. She was a kind and sweet spirit and we are lucky to have had her as a friend.

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Thanking Iris and Patrick as their Metanoia semester ends

The days at the end of semesters are always sort of rushed and harried. At the the GCW, we’ve tried to ritualize these endings by taking stock of what we are doing and what more we need to do; asking ourselves how well we are living and how our lives (individually and communally) can better reflect our deepest values; and most importantly, naming all that we have and have experienced for which we are grateful.

Fall Metanoia end: One of the most deliberate and enjoyable ways we do this happens each semester’s end at our last Roundtable. The last Roundtable of the semester is typically when we give thanks and celebrate the women and men who have participated in the Metanoia semester with us over the previous few months. So this Thursday, at 6pm, we cordially invite all of you to join us in thanking and honoring Iris and Patrick for their time with us this past semester. Come with stories to share, comments, advice, well-wishes and whatnot. We’ll also give them a chance to say a few words to about their experience at the GCW. It is always a nice evening and we are hopeful that many of you who have crossed paths with them this semester will join us. And don’t forget to bring a dish to share!

GCW on Facebook: A year or so ago, a few students at UF were very kind to set us up with a page on the popular social networking site Facebook. We’re using it to complement our website now and allow for interaction from folks near and far who are part of the GCW community. If you want to join our Facebook group, just click here and join us.

Some more quick links for you:

  • See photos from our recent trip to the annual vigil and action at the School of the Americas by clicking here.
  • See a report and photos from Patrick’s trip to Haiti last week by clicking here.
  • Find some good Advent and Christmas resources from Pax Christi USA by clicking here.

And thanks to everyone for all of the great help this past week! Special thanks to St. Luke’s Catholic Church from Middleburg; they made some exquisite soup (thanks Paula!) and did a great job hosting Sunday’s cafe. And to Nansi Carroll and the choir at St. Augustine’s for donating 10 tickets for us to take folks to see their Advent/Christmas concert last Friday! And don’t forget to go see our own Dan Kahn in the Hippodrome’s production of “A Christmas Carol”!

Click here for the rest of what is happening this week at the GCW.

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Celebrate our anniversary with us on Sunday!

Dear friends,

Consider this your personal invitation to the GCW’s anniversary celebration this weekend! On Sunday, October 5, from 1-4pm, we’ll gather–old and new folks, former and current community members, volunteers, guests, visitors, EVERYONE–to celebrate our 4th year in Jubilee House and our 8th year since we started way back in 2000. Come to hear stories about how miserable our first house was (Jeremiah House, which resembled the pit we imagined Jeremiah was thrown into thousands of years ago), our dreams and hopes for the future, listen to music, bring your favorite food or drink to share (potluck-style), and also enjoy the delicious food provided by our good and faithful friends from Servants of Christ Anglican Church. Especially in times like these, it is important for us to still come together and celebrate, with joy, with gratitude and just because. So please come by anytime Sunday between 1-4pm and share the afternoon with us!

We continue our “What I Did This Past Summer” theme at the Roundtable this Thursday at 6pm. Our own Iris Zielske spent this past summer doing research and working with orphaned children in Tanzania. She’ll share both stories of the people she met and her own experiences. We look forward to you joining us! Bring a dish to share if you can or just show up!

And Tuesday (today when you receive this I think!), we will NOT be having Dorothy’s Cafe. Instead we’ll be hosting a special brunch for the Coalition of Immokalee Workers, a group of farmworkers and their allies from Southwest Florida, who have taught us much about dignity, solidarity and the power of justice. We’ll be hosting them at 11am on Tuesday; feel free to come and help get the brunch prepared at 10am or join us at the brunch at 11am.

In gratitude and peace,