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HOUSE NEWS: Roundtable on Occupy Wall Street this Thursday, and more!

Putting in raised beds for the garden Finished beds in the garden








To see our full schedule for this week, click here.

NEW RAISED BEDS ARE IN: Thanks to the folks who helped out two weeks ago, we now have our new raised beds in the parking lot garden, and have already set about planting. Broccoli and lettuce are in, soon to be joined by onions, mustard greens, kale, cauliflower and more. You can see photos of the process for putting the raised beds in by clicking here. We’re grateful to Travis and the folks at Florida Organic Growers, Grow Gainesville, the Grahams and others for helping get the new garden ready to go. Those veggies will be making it into our meals at the cafe very soon!

FIRST THURSDAY ROUNDTABLE ON OCCUPY WALL STREET: This Thursday we’ll be hosting our monthly roundtable discussion and potluck, from 6:30-8pm, with our focus being on the Occupy Wall Street movement. We’ll discuss what’s going on, what issues are in play, what the movement might mean, as well as the intersection between the OWS movement and the teachings of our various faith traditions. If you can bring a dish to share, that would be great!

NEED NEW CHEFS AND AFTERNOON VOLUNTEERS FOR CAFE: With the start of a new month, we’re looking for new “chefs-in-training” for the cafe on Wednesdays. Kelli will work with the new chefs in preparing meals for the cafe from local, in-season food, feeding upwards of 50-75 people each Wednesday. If you can commit to coming between 9:30-11:30am each Wednesday during November (excepting the Wed before Thanksgiving), we would love to have you! Just contact Kelli at our email address. Also, we’ve been a bit short on afternoon volunteers for the cafe in recent weeks. If you can join us for an hour or so anytime between 11:45am and 4pm, we’d appreciate the help. Thanks!

NO KNITTING ON HALLOWEEN: No Green House Knitters on Monday since it’s Halloween…

Special thanks to the JustFaith group for providing food and drinks for Saturday’s football game! Hope to see some of you this week!


HOUSE NEWS: Need ribbons, prayer time change, JustFaith begins!

To see all of what’s happening this week, click here.

Folks watching YF-Tennessee

It was a good and busy week at the GCW and we’re thankful to all of you who could join us for the various goings-on. From all the folks who gathered for football on Saturday to everyone who dined and helped at Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday, from the opening gathering of knitters on Monday to the crafters and artists who filled the dining room on Saturday–we’re so excited to have a full schedule, so much going on and so many helping out. Special thanks this past week to Karen, Linda, Jan and Alan for the food used for the football game party!

ART FOR ALL NEEDS RIBBONS: Kelli asked me to write and ask folks to donate ribbons (full ribbons, bits of ribbons) for an upcoming project. You can drop the ribbons off anytime.

SLIGHT TIME CHANGE FOR FRIDAY PRAYER: If you ever do Breakfast Brigade, or want to start your day off reflecting with others, feel free to join us on Friday mornings at 6:45am (note the slight change; we’re doing it right after Brigade and we’ve been getting done closer to 6:45) for a half-hour of reflection, discussion and centering prayer.

JUSTFAITH PROGRAM BEGINS: This Tuesday we start the JustFaith program at the house. If you want to learn more about JustFaith, click here. Classes have been offered the past two years in Gainesville through Catholic Charities. We have a group of about 12 doing the program this year. (Registration is closed…)

ACT IN SUPPORT OF FARMWORKERS: Earlier this week we received word from our friends in Immokalee about the latest campaign to achieve justice for farmworkers in our state. Click here to see an action alert about what you can do.

Hope some of you will join us this week to volunteer or just say hello. If you can help with Brigade or Cafe, drop us an email and let us know you’ll be there!

HOUSE NEWS: Cafe starts, Crane Project report, and schedule ramps up!

To see what is happening this week, click here.

We had a very nice start to the semester with over 20 of us gathering on Thursday night for the start of the semester prayer service, welcoming of our new live-in community members, and a delicious potluck meal! Thanks to all who were able to attend.

PEACE CRANE PROJECT: We also wanted to share with you a report about the guerrilla art project we did in August, with over 50 people chipping in to make it happen. From August 6-9, we hung origami peace cranes at various locations around downtown, with the message attached to each crane: “This is our cry. This is our prayer. Peace in the world.” For a full report on the project, some photos showing where the 1,000 cranes were hung, and links to news stories by the Gainesville Sun, TV20 and other media, click here.

This week, we’re ramping up the schedule, adding in some tried-and-true projects from the past and starting some new ones as well. Here’s what’s going on:

JUSTFAITH AT THE GCW: If you’ve always wanted to explore more deeply how integrated our faith is with working for justice in the world, this might be the program you have been looking for! Catholic Charities sponsors the JustFaith program in Gainesville and we’re thrilled to be hosting it this year at the GCW. It is an intensive formation program, meeting 30 times over the course of 8-9 months (between September and May), but everyone we know who has participated has found it to be an extraordinary and transformative experience. If you think you might be interested and want to learn more, we’re having 2 informational sessions: this week on Tuesday, August 30 from 7-7:45pm at the house; and again next Tuesday, Sept. 6 same time at the house. The program will start in mid-September! Contact Johnny at if you want to learn more or come to one of the information sessions!

DOROTHY’S FARMERS MARKET CAFE: The cafe starts back up this week, Wednesday, August 31! We’re in need of volunteers! Come help out with prep between 9:30-11:45am, serving from 12-3pm, or clean up from 2:30-4pm. And if you’re interested in learning how to be one of the cafe chefs, let Kelli know. Each semester Kelli works with 2-3 cafe chefs-in-training, helping train folks in preparing and cooking local, seasonal foods for our guests at the cafe. Let us know if you can volunteer this week or if you’re interested in becoming one of our chefs-in-training! Email us at

ROUNDTABLE ON THE TENTH ANNIVERSARY OF 9/11: Our topic for our first Thursday Roundtable will be the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and an exploration of what has happened in our nation and around the world in the wake of the events of that day. We’ll share a resource from Colleen Kelly, a member of September 11th Families for Peaceful Tomorrows, who lost her brother Bill on 9/11. Johnny will lead us in a discussion about how our nation responded, what could we have done differently, and where do we go from here. Bring a dish to share for the potluck meal if you can! NOTE: We’re only doing Roundtables once-a-month this semester, on the first Thursday of each month. The time has shifted a little too: we’ll be beginning at 6:30 and ending at 8pm.

ART FOR ALL HELP: The Art for All Project will be starting up again in September, and we need your help. Last year’s project was a great success, bringing together a diverse group of professional and amateur artists from all ages and backgrounds to produce some beautiful work, a lot of which was sold at end-of-the-semester Art Sales to benefit both the artists and  the work of the House. To find out more about the project, our plans for this semester and how you can help, click here.

BREAKFAST BRIGADE VOLUNTEERS: Brigade got started last week with only live-in house members doing it. It would be great to have 2-4 extra volunteers each Friday if possible. If you’re interested, email us at and let us know. We can add you to the schedule for this week or reserve you a spot on any Brigade you want to do throughout the semester!

NEW BROCHURE AVAILABLE: We’ve also just printed our new brochure for the semester, which includes info on all our projects and the weekly schedule for this semester. If you want to look at it or download it as a PDF, just click here: GCW Brochure – Fall 2011

Hope you can join us this week!

HOUSE NEWS: Happy Birthday Dorothy Day!

Dear friends,

For a complete schedule of events happening at the house this week, please click here.

Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement

Dorothy Day, co-founder of the Catholic Worker movement

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DOROTHY DAY: Yesterday, November 8, would have been Dorothy’s 112th birthday. Many people believe Dorothy to have been the most influential Catholic of the 20th century, and it is indeed her witness that led our founding members to want to begin a Catholic Worker in Gainesville. For a brief blog entry that Kelli wrote yesterday about two of her great influences (Dorothy being one; Wendell Berry the other), click here.

WOMEN-ONLY ROUNDTABLE THIS WEEK: This Thursday at 6pm, we’ll hold our first ever “women-only” Roundtable. The topic is Women in Islam and we’ll be joined by women from the University of Florida group, Islam on Campus. This Roundtable will be an opportunity for women to dialogue across faith traditions, share their stories and build friendships. Kimberly set up a Facebook group for the Roundtable here. Pleas bring a dish to share if you can!

WANT TO LIVE AT THE GCW? We’ll be finalizing our in-house community for the Spring 2010 semester sometime in the next two weeks. Several folks have already inquired about living at the house as part of our immersion experience, the Metanoia semester. If you’re interested and want to know more, contact Johnny within the next 7-10 days and let us know of your interest.

WE NEED BLANKETS: With the recent cool nights, we have depleted our inventory of blankets at the house. Though the nights have been a little warmer the past few days, more cool nights are around the corner. Typically we give out between 5-15 blankets each of the first few days when a new cold front moves in. Feel free to drop blankets by the house before 10am each day or after 3pm.

JUSTFAITH AND FOOTBALL–SATURDAYS AT THE GCW: Thanks to the JustFaith groups which have been providing some snacks and beverages for the Saturday football games at the house several times this semester. JustFaith-Gainesville group #1 did a great job this past Saturday (a lot of football fans were here!), and JustFaith-Gainesville group #2 will be joining us for the South Carolina-UF game at 3:30pm this Saturday. Thanks so much!

Thanks again for your kindness and support! Hope to see you this week!

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Remembering those who have gone before us

Dear friends,

For this week’s complete schedule, click here.

(We keep adding new folks regularly to our email list, but we also wanted to let people know that if they are on Facebook, the Gainesville Catholic Worker does have a Facebook page too and we’d love to have you join us there as well!)

ALL SAINTS DAY: Also called Day of the Dead, each November 1st we remember all those who have gone before us and their influence on our lives. Kelli wrote a reflection on this yesterday on her blog. At the GCW, we take the entire month of November to remember and recall the names of those people who have gone before us–family members, mentors, friends, heroes and heroines, and so on. We’ll have on display a board at the house where visitors, volunteers, guests and anyone else who passes through our doors can write the name of anyone they’d like us to remember in prayer this month.

FOOTBALL SATURDAYS CONTINUE: Special thanks to the JustFaith group from St. Catherine of Siena in Orange Park who provided sandwiches, iced tea, and snack foods for a lively group of folks who took in the Florida-Georgia game at our home this past weekend. This Saturday, we have another JustFaith group, this one from Gainesville, providing snacks and beverages for the LSU-Alabama game (UF-Vandy is on ESPN and we don’t get cable). This is a chance for some of our friends who may not have anywhere else to relax on Saturdays to join us for some camaraderie and fun while watching football at the house. Thanks to the groups who continue to make this happen. Photos from past games can be found here.

MOVIE AND MASS THIS WEEK: On Wednesday, at 7pm, we’ll be showing the award-winning documentary, Trouble the Water, a movie that despite having Hurricane Katrina as its backdrop, says, “It is not about a hurricane… It’s about America.” And on Thursday at 6pm, we’ll be celebrating our First Thursday Mass with Fr. John Phillips at the house. Everyone is welcome to join us and we’ll follow the service with a potluck dinner (so bring a dish to share if you can!)

SCHOOL OF THE AMERICAS TRIP: Each November, we take a group of folks to the annual vigil and action to close the School of the Americas in Columbus, GA. It is important that we get an accurate count of who will be joining us so we have enough car-space and hotel-space once we get there. To confirm that you plan on coming (we’ll be leaving Friday, November 20 at around 9am and returning Sunday, November 22 in the early evening), either sign up on the Facebook page for the event or email us back confirming your interest asap.

Hope everyone has a good week and we look forward to seeing you around the house!

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Rudy is home, thanks to the CIW and a relatively light week

Dear friends,

For a complete schedule for this week, click here.

Friends from the CIW

Friends from the CIW

COALITION OF IMMOKALEE WORKERS: It is always such a great honor for us to host our friends from the Coalition of Immokalee Workers whenever they come to town–whether just coming through on one of their educational tours or stopping by to lead us in a rally or protest on behalf of a fair and just food system. To see photos of their visit with us this past weekend, click here.  Special thanks to everyone who showed up either Saturday at UF or Publix or on Sunday at the house for breakfast. Your solidarity and help was very much appreciated! To keep up with the CIW and their efforts to get Publix to sit down and talk to them, visit

THE RETURN OF RUDY: Some of you might have seen yesterday our message about Rudy. Rudy went missing for about 3.5 hours yesterday, but luckily, as I was putting up fliers on the block around our house, two young people drove by with a small, familiar dog in their car. When they got out to look at the sign down the block, I knew that much to Rudy’s benefit, he had been picked up and found by some folks susceptible to his charms. Thanks Tanya and Mike for bringing him back to us!

FLORIDA-GEORGIA COURTESY OF JUSTFAITH: The good folks from JustFaith are providing snack food and beverages this Saturday at 3:30pm for our friends who will be stopping by to take in the game at the house. For other folks interested in weekend projects like this one, contact us anytime and we’ll work out a good weekend that works for you and our guests and friends.

ROUNDTABLE WITH THE WOMEN FROM ARBOR HOUSE: Miriam, the Program Coordinator at Arbor House (AH), will be bringing 3 moms from AH to share about their program at this week’s Roundtable on Thursday at 6pm. AH is a Christian Maternity Home & Motherhood Community for adult homeless women. They offer long term transitional housing while the women further their education. The goal is to enhance their academic or career qualifications so that they can earn closer to a living wage & be able to better support their family. The women attend daily classes at AH that include life skills, Bible Study, parenting, health & wellness & more. Three afternoons per week they are paid to work on site in the Cottage Industry making cloth bags & purses, greeting cards, quilts & more. The women will share some of the items they have made on Thursday night & tell you about themselves & their goals. Bring a dish to share if you can!

A RELATIVELY LIGHT WEEK: Looking over the schedule for this week, I noticed that it seems a little lighter than normal. For all the help over the past several extra busy weeks, we thank you, as always. You are all wonderful and we are grateful for your continuing presence and support.

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Photos from the party, new newsletter, and Capitalism!

Bones and Kimberly at the GCW 2009 Anniversary Party

Bones and Kimberly at the GCW 2009 Anniversary Party

Dear friends,

For the schedule for this week, click here.

GCW ANNIVERSARY PARTY: Thanks to everyone who joined us yesterday for the anniversary party. It was a fantastic day, with a ton of people dropping by, hanging our and celebrating with us between 1-4pm. We’re grateful to everyone who brought food and drink, especially the JustFaith group from San Juan del Rio Catholic Church over near Jacksonville. You can see photos from the day on our Flickr account here. We’re also grateful to everyone who posted notes on our Facebook page for the event. Some folks also asked about how they could help with a contribution toward the work we do at the house. If you want to make a gift, you can make a check out to the GCW and send it to us at the house address, 218 NW 2nd Ave, Gainesville, 32601. Thanks again to everyone for a very special day!

LATEST GCW NEWSLETTER AVAILABLE ONLINE: We also published our first newsletter in a year, just in time for the party yesterday. You can see the newsletter by clicking here or send us your address if you’d like to be added to our mailing list and receive a hard copy in the mail.

SPECIAL VIEWING OF “CAPITALISM: A LOVE STORY”: We’ll be taking a group of people to see the new Michael Moore movie, “Capitalism: A Love Story,” for the 7pm showing on Tuesday of this week. If you want to join us, meet at the GCW between 6-6:30pm for a ride to the theater. We’ve been given a gift to cover the cost of a number of tickets for the show but if anyone else wants to chip in so we can take as many people as possible, please let us know. Thanks! For more on the movie, click here to read Kelli’s thoughts.

ROUNDTABLE ON RITUAL, PERFORMANCE AND THE CREATIVE PROCESS: Join us this week as GCW regular Leah Sarat, a PhD student in the religion department at UF joins us to lead a roundtable on “Working Playfully and Playing Workfully: Understanding Ritual, Performance and Creativity.” Leah will be leading us in an exploration of ritual, performance, and the creative process, with the hope of gaining some insights that can be applied to our social justice work. We’ll talk a bit about the relationship between ideas and action, body and mind, and the role of memory in ritual. Bring a dish to share if you can!

Hope you’ll join us this week for any of these activities and more!

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: GCW anniversary party on Sunday, October 4!

Dear friends,

To read the full schedule for this week, click here.

GCW ANNIVERSARY PARTY ON OCTOBER 4: Each October, we celebrate the beginning of the Gainesville Catholic Worker community. We started 9 years ago, October 2000, in a little house (Jeremiah House) just two blocks from our current home. We feel it is important to give thanks and celebrate with all of our friends and supporters who have been essential to keep this house going. Whether you are near of far, we invite you to join us for food, music, some speakers, and more from 1-4pm, Sunday, October 4. We’re excited to have the JustFaith group from San Juan Del Rio

Past GCW anniversary party!

Past GCW anniversary party!

Church over near Jacksonville join us that day and provide much of the hospitality, but we also want to encourage everyone who can to try and bring some food or drink, potluck-style. We are so hopeful that many of you will join us.! So mark it down: Sunday, October 4, 1-4pm.

EDUCATION ROUNDTABLE: This Thursday, from 6-7:30pm, we’re happy to have with us Diedre Houchen, good friend to the GCW, mother, teacher and activist. Diedre has a background in education, anti-racism work, sustainability and community-building. Diedre will be addressing issues around education, our educational system and how race and class factor into our educational policies and priorities. We hope you can join us! It is a potluck dinner so bring something to share if you can!

NEW TRUCK FOR THE GCW: Just over a year ago, our old truck gave out. We made do with the Pathfinder, but frankly, for so much of the work we do–hauling garden equipment, picking up food from the farmers’ market, moving people into apartments and so on–a truck is so, so, so much better. And to our great delight, Jon Meinholz, a regular volunteer with us and parishioner of Holy Faith Catholic Church, donated us his old truck a few weeks back. We are so grateful to Jon and for what this means for our work at the house. Kelli wrote a nice blog entry about Jon, his truck and caring for things last week. You can see the truck and read more by clicking here. Thanks so much Jon!

DAYS OF AWE AND PEACE: Today is officially the International Day of Peace/Prayer for Peace. The organization I work for, Pax Christi USA, is sponsoring actions and prayers and other events to mark this day throughout the country. If possible, we ask everyone to take a moment today and to pray for peace in our world. Also, these next few days are called the “Days of Awe” in the Jewish calendar, marking the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Kelli recently wrote about the connection Jews make between this time of year and the work of “mending the world” – click here to read her post. And to our Muslim friends who just completed the month of Ramadan, we give thanks for your witness!

WE NEED BLANKETS, SOCKS: Even though the weather hasn’t turned yet, we’re in need of a handful of blankets at the GCW. We have folks regularly come by looking for something to cover them for the night, and we’re plum out of blankets to give away right now. Last week we got three requests and were able to find a sheet, old tablecloth and some fabric, but it’s nice to keep a few blankets on hand. If you can donate an old one to the house, it would be much appreciated. AND at St. Augustine Catholic Church and Student Center, the good folks on the Christian Service Committee are collecting socks for us to give out to our guests and visitors to the house. Foot hygiene is a big deal for homeless folks and we’ve instituted a “swap-a-sock” program at the house where people can give us their dirty socks and we’ll give them a clean pair in return. There is a nice bin (courtesy of Kimberly) in the vestibule of the church for folks to drop off new socks for us to hand out.

Hope everyone has a great week and we look forward to seeing you at the house!

In peace,

HOUSE NEWS: Roundtable, concerts and compost

For a complete list of what is happening at the GCW this week, click here.

Dear friends,

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed blankets last week! We gave out probably around 50 blankets last week, and when the next cold snap hits, we’re well-provisioned to help folks looking to stay warm. Many thanks again!

Thanks too to the JustFaith group from St. Anastasia Church in St. Augustine and to the Student World Assembly at UF for hosting yesterday’s cafe. It was a special “Day of the Dead” cafe, including special desserts, decorations and a poster where guests, volunteers, and others could write the names of relatives, friends and others who have passed on that they want remembered. We’ll pray for these people and remember them during our prayer time this month at the GCW. The poster will stay up throughout November if you want to add other names as well. 

This week, we’re very lucky to have Eric LeCompte, lead organizer for the human rights organization, School of the Americas (SOA) Watch, join us for Thursday’s Roundtable. Eric is an incredible and passionate young man, and he’ll share with us about the School of the Americas, the protests that happen there each November, analysis on US foreign policy regarding Latin America, and more. The GCW will be sending several folks up to participate in the action and vigil at the SOA on Nov. 21-23. Come to learn more, and bring a dish to share if you can!

Also, on Friday night, former Metanoia participant Erica Carlsson has pulled together a benefit concert for the Jubilee House. The concert starts at 9pm at Brophy’s Irish Pub, 60 SW 2nd Street, and features bands like Progressive Madness, The Wooden, and others. If folks want to walk over from the GCW, meet at 8:45pm. And thanks Erica!

Finally, we are the now the proud owners of a new, donated industrial-sized composter! John Then and Patrick, with a little help from Roxanne and Tyler, put it together this weekend. As fall gears up and we re-start our composting, we would gladly accept any and all bags of leaves you can send our way. We’ll use them as groundcover in the backyard and in the compost. Drop them off on the side of the house any day or night!

Thanks for all your support and we hope to see you this week, whether it be at cafe, scripture study, Roundtable, gardening or whatnot!

In peace,