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HOUSE NEWS: Farmworkers’ rights, Pray the Devil Back to Hell, healthcare reform and more

Dear friends,

For a complete list of events at the house this week, click here.

SOLIDARITY WITH FARMWORKERS: We’re honored to have members of the Coalition of Immokalee Workers stay with us this weekend as they come to Gainesville as part of a month-long series of protests aimed at encouraging Publix supermarkets to join them at the negotiating table. You’ll have several opportunities to meet with the farmworkers while in town: 1) At 2pm on Saturday on the UF campus at a protest directed at Aramark, the food service provider; 2) at 4pm that same day at the Publix supermarket on University Ave and 34th Street; 3) at the Civic Media Center for a film and educational event also on Saturday at 6pm; and 4) at the GCW on Sunday morning (around 8am) for breakfast. We encourage folks to come out in support of the workers. If you join us Sunday morning for breakfast, let us know if you can bring some juice or fruit to share. For more on the CIW, visit

PRAY THE DEVIL BACK TO HELL: Twice a month on Wednesdays, we feature a movie at the GCW for anyone who would like to attend. This week, Kim has chosen to share the film “Pray the Devil Back to Hell,” a powerful story about how Liberian women brought the civil war in that African country to an end. Movie will start at 7pm. Join us if you can!

ROUNDTABLE ON HEALTHCARE: We’re excited to have this week’s roundtable on healthcare, a topic for which there has been a lot of misinformation and demagoguery in the national media. Dave Chynoweth, longtime member of the GCW and retired UF professor, will lead us in a discussion on healthcare in the U.S., reform and more. Bring a dish to share on Thursday at 6pm if you can!

HOW ABOUT LIVING AT THE GCW FOR A SEMESTER? Each semester, we invite folks who are interested in what it is like to live and work at the Gainesville Catholic Worker to consider spending a semester with us. This semester-long immersion experience is called the Metanoia semester, and if you think you might be interested, let us know so we can talk. We’d like to have our “house community” set for the January-May 2010 semester by mid- to late-November. So if you’re interested in living and working as part of an intentional, faith-based community, get in touch with John or Kelli.

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Ever think about living at the GCW?

Dear friends,

To see what is happening this week at the GCW, click here.

Since we live, breathe and have our being in a college town, our schedule at the GCW tends to revolve around and mirror the semester schedule of the University of Florida and Santa Fe College. So like a lot of you, this week is a transitional one for us–we end several of our activities that started back in January with the beginning of the Spring 09 semester and we finalize our planning for May and June, before taking our summer sabbatical from mid-June to August 1st. Tuesday marks our last scripture study of the semester; our morning prayer schedule ends this week; and last week was our last Roundtable. Several projects will continue on their regular schedule–Breakfast Brigade on Friday mornings and Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesday. Keep an eye out too in the coming weeks for community garden and Blue House Pants opportunities.

THE METANOIA SEMESTER: If you’ve ever thought about what it would be like to live at the GCW, look into our Metanoia semester project, a semester-long immersion experience for folks interested in living and working at the GCW while learning more about what we do and why we do it. You can click here to check out more information. We may have a spot or two open for the Fall 09 semester, so if you are interested, talk with us sometime soon as we try and square away the house community by the time we close down in mid-June. Contact John at this email address or speak with him when you are at the house in the coming weeks.

MAKE A REGULAR VOLUNTEER COMMITMENT FOR MAY AND JUNE: Dorothy’s Cafe on Wednesdays, Breakfast Brigade on Fridays and the Blue House Garden throughout the week–we would love to have you make a regular commitment to help out with any of these projects of the house for the months of May and into mid-June. It is such a big help to us to know that we can count on a handful of people to be here at designated times to help with any of these projects (especially Dorothy’s Cafe). Since several of our regular volunteers will be leaving this week, we’ll need to fill their spots and know who we can count on in May and June. If you know there is a regular time you can join us to help out in May and June, please email us and let us know!

To everyone who helped out this semester, a very appreciative thank you from all of us at the GCW. Your presence and willingness to share your life with us enriches and blesses our community. And a very special thanks to any of our regular volunteers and extended community members who will be leaving us. If you have a moment to stop by or drop us a line and let us know your plans, we would be so grateful to know what your immediate future holds and how we can stay in touch!

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Check out the new schedule and welcome Kim to the GCW

Dear friends,

Our new schedule for the Winter-Spring 2009 semester is shaping up and we want you to note there are a few changes. You can click here now to be directed to the “This Week” page which features our schedule for the upcoming week.

DOROTHY’S CAFE NOW ON WEDNESDAY: Some of our friends who are homeless asked us to consider changing the weekday Dorothy’s Cafe from Tuesday to Wednesday, because Wednesday was a more difficult day for hungry people looking to find a good meal. Our friends at the Home Van and others already serve a meal on Tuesday, so we looked into how easily we could make the change to Wednesday, and voila! Dorothy’s Cafe is now on Wednesday. If you want to help out with preparation, join us between 9:30am and noon; serving is between 12-5pm; with clean-up from 4:30-6pm. It would be REALLY GREAT if some of you might consider making a weekly commitment to helping out at the cafe. Last semester was such a boom-or-bust experience, with some days having more than enough volunteers helping and others none at all. Steady, consistent help is a HUGE benefit for us. So think about making a weekly commitment and let us know!

BREAKFAST BRIGADE ON FRIDAYS: Several years ago we were really blessed to start doing the Breakfast Brigade (BB) twice-a-week because of a generous monthly gift from a supporter who underwrote the cost of doing a second weekly Brigade. We continued to do the second BB even after that supporter was no longer able to help (two years ago), but we made the decision this semester to return to just doing one BB a week. So plan on joining us on Friday mornings this semester for the Breakfast Brigade!

WELCOME KIMBERLY HUNTER TO THE GCW! Each semester we are honored and blessed to have new community members join us through the Metanoia Semester, our semester-long immersion experience into the GCW. This semester, we’re excited to have Kimberly Hunter, recent UF grad, join our community. We’ll be welcoming Kimberly formally into the GCW community at this week’s Roundtable and Potluck on Thursday, at 6pm. Come join us in welcoming Kimberly, give her advice for making it thru the semester with us, share stories about what she can expect, and celebrate with us as we offer a blessing for her time with us. Don’t forget to bring a dish to share if you can!

Note too that we’ll be hosting a morning prayer at the house on Fridays (starting this Friday, January 16) and Mondays, from 7:30-8am. All are welcome to join us. And Scripture Study will begin, still on Tuesdays, at a new time, in two weeks. We’ll keep you updated.

Also, we’re still looking for a chest of drawers and a small desk if anyone out there has any leads! Just email us back and let us know. And join the GCW Facebook group if you haven’t already at

In peace,


HOUSE NEWS: Thanking Iris and Patrick as their Metanoia semester ends

The days at the end of semesters are always sort of rushed and harried. At the the GCW, we’ve tried to ritualize these endings by taking stock of what we are doing and what more we need to do; asking ourselves how well we are living and how our lives (individually and communally) can better reflect our deepest values; and most importantly, naming all that we have and have experienced for which we are grateful.

Fall Metanoia end: One of the most deliberate and enjoyable ways we do this happens each semester’s end at our last Roundtable. The last Roundtable of the semester is typically when we give thanks and celebrate the women and men who have participated in the Metanoia semester with us over the previous few months. So this Thursday, at 6pm, we cordially invite all of you to join us in thanking and honoring Iris and Patrick for their time with us this past semester. Come with stories to share, comments, advice, well-wishes and whatnot. We’ll also give them a chance to say a few words to about their experience at the GCW. It is always a nice evening and we are hopeful that many of you who have crossed paths with them this semester will join us. And don’t forget to bring a dish to share!

GCW on Facebook: A year or so ago, a few students at UF were very kind to set us up with a page on the popular social networking site Facebook. We’re using it to complement our website now and allow for interaction from folks near and far who are part of the GCW community. If you want to join our Facebook group, just click here and join us.

Some more quick links for you:

  • See photos from our recent trip to the annual vigil and action at the School of the Americas by clicking here.
  • See a report and photos from Patrick’s trip to Haiti last week by clicking here.
  • Find some good Advent and Christmas resources from Pax Christi USA by clicking here.

And thanks to everyone for all of the great help this past week! Special thanks to St. Luke’s Catholic Church from Middleburg; they made some exquisite soup (thanks Paula!) and did a great job hosting Sunday’s cafe. And to Nansi Carroll and the choir at St. Augustine’s for donating 10 tickets for us to take folks to see their Advent/Christmas concert last Friday! And don’t forget to go see our own Dan Kahn in the Hippodrome’s production of “A Christmas Carol”!

Click here for the rest of what is happening this week at the GCW.

In peace,


UPDATE: January 21, 2008


Dear friends,

We hope that many of you will be able to join us this week on Thursday for a special introduction and commissioning of our two new Metanoia Semester participants, Alicia and Youssef. At the Roundtable on Thursday evening, 6pm, we will formally welcome Youssef and Alicia into the GCW house community for the next four months and it is always a nice time to share with them a little about your experience in living/volunteering at the GCW, giving them advice, and blessing them for the months ahead. Join us if you can at 6pm on Thursday and please bring a dish to share if possible.

Thanks to the great students from Holy Faith Catholic Church’s confirmation class for hosting this past Sunday’s cafe. Jon Meinholz and his students have been coming regularly since we opened the house four years ago and they always are a wonderful group.

Look for more information below on the rest of this week’s activities.

TUESDAY – Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am. Join us as we prepare and share a breakfast of local hard-boiled eggs, homemade cinnamon raisin bread and fresh, in-season fruit with the workers at three area-labor pools.

Scripture Study, 6-7:30pm. Join us for a simple meal followed by the beginning of our study of the Sermon on the Mount, from Matthew’s gospel, chapters 5-7.

WEDNESDAY – Wednesday Night Live is back! Join a group of faithful college students and young adults in preparing and sharing a fun meal and a movie for guests, friends, and visitors to the house, 6:30-9pm.

THURSDAY – Roundtable and potluck, 6-7:30pm. Join us in welcoming our Metanoia participants, Alicia and Youssef, for the semester. Please bring a dish to share if you can.

FRIDAY – Breakfast Brigade, 4:15-7am. Join us as we prepare and share a breakfast of local hard-boiled eggs, homemade cinnamon raisin bread and fresh, in-season fruit with the workers at three area-labor pools.

SUNDAY – NO cafe this week or next. Next cafe: February 10.


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