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Buy your mom a local artisan-made gift for Mother’s Day

At the end of the month, we’ll be packing up what’s left of this semester’s Art for All project. This wonderful project has helped make money for the work we do at the house and also helped support some of our budding street artists. There are still some lovely things left – and we think your mother might like one of them:

These hand-painted flower parts hold a handmade washcloth and artisan soap - $12

Pin a handmade "urban flower" corsage on your mom - $10

mug rugs - $10 - and ...

cup cozies - for the coffee/tea drinking mom - $8

jewelry for all tastes - hemp and charm necklace - $12

recycled bottle caps and glass bead necklaces ("peace" in three languages) - $12

beaded bracelets - $12

lovely watercolors - $15-$25

and you can wrap your gift in upcycled calendar gift bags ($3)

Things are slowing down at the house, so give us a call before you come by  to make sure we’re home (find number under “contact” tab above).  Happy Mother’s Day!