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HOUSE NEWS: Cancer survivor Ben Brew on addiction and recovery

Dear friends,

To see the schedule for this week, click here.

ROUNDTABLE – BEN BREW ON ADDICTION AND RECOVERY: We’re really excited about this week’s Roundtable. Many of you have met or heard about Kelli’s son Ben’s fight with leukemia over the past several years. Ben was diagnosed in September 2005, underwent two-plus years of chemotherapy, etc, and was declared cancer-free in October 2007. During Ben’s fight with cancer, he became addicted to the painkillers prescribed to help with the side effects. At this week’s RT, Ben will talk about addiction/alcoholism as a whole–basic knowledge of the disease, who it effects, that’s its more than just a moral issue– then share some of his personal story–what it was like when he was using, how he recovered, and how he stays recovered. Please bring a dish to share if you can! We hope you’ll join us! 

WHEN YOUR CAR BECOMES YOUR HOME: Sometimes things happen at the Jubilee House which we would like to share with you, but which are a little beyond the quick blurbs we include in emails regarding the schedule and house news, etc. When we have a chance, we use the GCW website to blog on some of the thoughts, struggles, happenings, and whatnot that are foremost in our minds. As some of you know, occasionally we have had people who are homeless but who have vehicles park in the public parking spaces out in front of our home. This past week, we had an experience that draws into sharp focus the struggles and indignities that homeless people suffer under. We hope you’ll take a moment to read more by clicking here, and think about how the current state of our economy is moving people out of their actual homes, leaving their car or truck or van as the only thing standing between them and living outside on the street.

MAKE A REGULAR COMMITMENT TO VOLUNTEER AT THE GCW THIS SEMESTER! Thanks to the several folks last week who wrote back to say that they could commit to a regulare, consistent volunteer slot with the GCW for the semester. It is a great help to us and those we care for and work alongside to have volunteers who we can count on to be there week-in and week-out. If you can make a regular weekly commitment to Dorothy’s Cafe, the Breakfast Brigade, the Rosa B Garden (later in the semester), or any of our projects, we would be so grateful! Just let us know what project you can do regularly and what time slot you can commit to (for example, Dorothy’s Cafe, 10am to noon preparation, etc)!

SCRIPTURE STUDY STARTS NEXT WEEK, TUESDAY, AT NEW TIME! We’ll start scripture study next Tuesday, at our new time, 2:30-4pm at the Jubilee House. Our scripture studies are typically a mix of folks–homeless people and students, working folks, intergenerational, different racial and cultural backgrounds, etc. We study scripture in a deliberate way that is meant to uncover what is at the heart of the story, by looking closely at the text, appreciating the story itself in all its richness with characters and conflict, paying attention to setting and scene, and weaving in political, historical and cultural analysis as well. We think it is a provocative and challenging way to do scripture and we hope you’ll consider joining us this semester.

AND THANKS! Special thanks this past week for all of the folks who dropped off blankets, extra sweaters, and whatnot. We’ve had a handful of folks sleeping on our floor as the weather has turned wet and cold lately. Thanks too to the Gonzalez family and their friends who hosted Dorothy’s Cafe on Sunday. The soup was outstanding and we had a nice crowd, including about 20 fellows watching the NFC championship game. We’re also still in need of a set of bunk beds and a chest of drawers if anyone out there knows of any leads. Just let us know!

In peace,


PS: I’m getting this email out a little late this week, but we’ve got a group of folks watching the inauguration at the house right now. Come on over if you want to join us!