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HOUSE NEWS: Looking for some regular volunteers; can you help?

Click here to see an entire list of what is happening this week at the Gainesville Catholic Worker.

LOOKING FOR A FEW REGULARS: So much of what we do at the GCW is possible because of our volunteers. And among our volunteers, the ones who really serve as linchpins for our various programs are those who can commit to a regular weekly gig with us. This semester, we could really use several more folks who can commit to a weekly slot (or even a monthly slot) for several of our projects. For the Tuesday Coffee Shop, from 1-3pm, it would be great to have 1-2 regular volunteers each week, even if you can commit only for 1-2pm each week, or 2-3pm each week. For the Wednesday Cafe, we could really use 1-2 weekly volunteers for the late shift to help with closing and clean-up, say between 2-4pm. And for Breakfast Brigade on Friday mornings, we could use a handful of people who could maybe commit to being scheduled for one Friday a month, like every first Friday, or third Friday, etc. (We especially need some more guys to act as regulars for Brigade.) If you can commit to a regular gig with us, it would be a great help. Let us know!

NEEDS FOR THIS WEEK: We especially need some help with Breakfast Brigade this week. We’re short about 4 volunteers so far. Let us know if you can help out!

FIRST MICRO-FARM MONTHLY WORKDAY IS A SUCCESS: Thanks to a great response, a whole bunch was accomplished at the micro-farm this past Saturday. We had Barbara from last year’s JustFaith group join us, Bob U. (our retired prof), four students from Eastside High School (Zac, Eric, Andrew and my son Johnny), loyal Brigader Tim, former house member Daniel, current house member Vickie, plus Lynn, Jade and Maya (with me dropping in intermittently!). New beds were dug and framed, land cleared, other beds were weeded, etc. We’ve been getting onions, cabbage, kohlrabi, radishes and more from the micro-farm to use at the cafe and share with our friends and guests. Mark down March 10th for our next workday and join us if you can. See the photos Lynn took below…

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SCRIPTURE STUDY AT HOLY FAITH: If you’re looking for a good way to prepare for the Lenten season, Johnny will be presenting a talk at Holy Faith Catholic Church (747 NW 43rd Street) on Saturday from 9:30am to noon. We’ll be exploring the Sunday readings for Lent to get a better sense of everything that led to that Good Friday long, long ago. All are welcome. And if you’re looking for some reflections from our regular Monday Scripture study on Matthew’s gospel, click here to see the latest entries.

Hope to see you this week!