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HOUSE NEWS: Radical Solutions to Feed a Hungry World


Scott's Hawaiian yurt - Home on a lava bed


For more details on this week’s schedule, please click hereNOTE: We’ve moved the cafe back to Wednesdays (see below)!

Changes are coming this week: Cafe changes back to Wednesday, and knitting will happen every Monday night – both by popular demand. We were puzzled why so few were coming to the Cafe on Monday, and we think we may have figured it out. A guest asked us last week if we could change the timing so he could come more often. It seems the downtown library is showing a movie and serving snacks at the exact same time. So it’s back to Wednesday with the Cafe! We’ve got our Cafe Chefs for October, but we could use your help serving and cleaning up between 11:45 and 3. Let us know if you’re willing.

In addition, we’re changing the once/month Monday knitting to EVERY Monday night this semester – between 7 and 9. So much to knit so little time . . .  plus the cool weather is both inspiring the knitters and bringing folks to our door looking for warm things to wear. We invite you to come and learn to knit, teach someone, make a hat or scarf from our yarn stash, or work on something of your own.  Crocheter welcome too!

We are looking forward to an exciting Roundtable this week led by Scott Robertson, who just returned from a “Wwoofing” stint in Hawaii. Come discuss and learn about the divergence between traditional and commercial agriculture. Explore Gainesville’s potential for food sovereignty. Learn about fertilizer trees, super-efficient rocket stoves, and why our culture is incompatible with renewable energy. Scott will discuss his experience with agroforestry as a WWOOFer on the Big Island in Hawaii. Find out about the exciting opportunity as a Willing Worker On Organic Farms across the globe. We’ll have taste tests between local and imported produce and discuss USDA labeling standards. Help us fathom why Monsanto (the world’s largest chemical corporation that brought us DDT, Agent Orange, and the Manhattan Project) has teamed up with billionaire Bill Gates and Xe (formerly Blackwater), the largest mercenary army in the world. Bring some food to share if you can, if not just come.